Thursday, April 9, 2015

How To Grow Hair Longer - Fix, Stop and Avoid Split Ends

Your hair doesn't seem to grow and your ends are splitting like dried out weeds. I can relate and I know how frustrating it can be with everyone telling you to cut them off.

It's true that you should cut damaged hair to prevent it from running up the hair shaft but if you don't learn how to stop splitting and shedding hair in the first place, you might as well be bald!

This is How Hair Is Constructed

Hair is made up of many layers and the very middle cortex of your hair has to be moisturized. This can only be done by deep penetrating moisturizers and conditioners. Our hair is also 97% keratin (protein) which is why protein
treatments (hardens hair)tend to make our hair harder resulting in more breakage when hair is not properly moisturized (adds moisture). Hard hair without moisture breaks.

Hydrolzyed Silk A Special Ingredient to Fix Split Ends

Look at your ingredients for HYDROLYZED silk or wheat protein and more. This special ingredient is protein formulated small enough to enter into the fine structure of your hair enabling it to strengthen your bonds in the deepest core; unlike other products that sit on top of your hair and neglect to treat the inner core.

When you see hydrolyzed you can be sure you are getting quality protein with your moisturizer that will stop splitting ends before they start.

Your thirsty hair will become strong and subtle when it is nourished to the core  and your trimming will no longer become a cut from hell! Of course, there are things you must do to keep your ends healthy.

How To Treat Split Ends

It will be very hard to stop getting split ends if  you are still using heating tools and wearing your hair out. That being said it is not impossible. You will have to stay conscious of your goal and treat your hair like the most delicate silk fabric you ever owned.
Keep your hair hydrated, moisturized and well protected always amongst other things.
  • use biotin
  • use folic acid
  • wear protective styles
  • apply oil treatments
  • use moisturizers
  • protect your hair from excessive sun
  • Don't use heating tools.
  • Don't use heating tools without protective product.
  • The only fabric that should touch your hair is satin or silk.

Split End Repair Products

Please check out my article about Using Heat Protection Hair Products.

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