Monday, May 5, 2014

The Best Curly Lace Closure

If you have ever felt Brazilian hair you would know instantly what the allure is. You may be a weave or wig wearer or you may make wig or do weaves, but you do know that a quality finished product has to start with the best hair.

Quality Brazilian virgin hair can be processed to your specifications and is chosen because of it's full body texture and soft feel. Women of color love it because it resembles relaxed, straightened or curled healthy textured hair.

Virgin hair can be:
  • bleached
  • relaxed
  • dyed
  • permed
Buying Cheap Virgin Brazilian Hair may not be what you mean...
Hair that is considered cheap may have it's own issues and concerns such as coming from a dead person or unaligned cuticles which can bring you infections and snarling hair. There is a reason for hair being cheap. Virgin Brazilian hair does not grow on trees and take time to cut, clean and prepare before being sold. 

The hair is normally from one donor and is cut and tied directly. However some are from several donors and aligned carefully with the cuticles all facing the same directions to prevent hair from becoming unruly or tangled. Then there is transporting, tagging, packaging and shipping. There is a cost and you have to pay it.

Affordable hair is more likely what you meant. Virgin Brazilian hair is sought after with good reason and the cost can be very expensive. Some will ask the suppliers for proof of authenticity if the price is too extreme. But no worries; for affordable virgin quality hair you can go to Amazon for Brazilian curly weave hair and make your safe purchase and be blown away from the quality.


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