Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Become A Wig Maker And Save Money On Your Custom Lace Wig

You can do it too. Just look at the people on YouTube making their own wigs... Why not you?

Make a wig of your own and save money. If you know how to thread a needle you can make your own wig.

The instructions will have you making your own wig like a pro.. But first here are some item you will need to get from your local Beauty Supply Store or Amazon

Wig Making Supplies
  • weave cap
  • Russian/Asian needle
  • curved needle
  • thread
  • wig head
  • t-pins
  • scissors
  • hair
How To Make A Wig Video

If you decide to make your own wig you should know that you can have this wig for a really long time if you start with good quality produced. If you choose to make a lace wig and have skills in that area. Using top quality cuticle virgin Brazilian (Malaysian) or Peruvian hair will last for years if you take really good care of it. Take the time and patience to duplicate the steps and you will be saving money and never purchasing another wig that doesn't last again.

Learning how to make a wig and maintain it can save you money as well as make you money by becoming a customized wig maker.

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  1. It looks good and not so hard to make, I am so glad that you shared this post with us, going to share it with my friends as well. Thank you for posting it