Monday, January 16, 2012

Growing Out Relaxed Hair Care Tips-Relaxer Tips

Chemically hair relaxing for a more manageable style is what thousands if not million have been doing for years. A hair relaxer is when your natural wave pattern is removed by a chemical straightener.

Many have chosen hair relaxers for the performance they see on commercials,others and word of mouth. But the age old question "why isn't my hair straight?" keeps surfacing even thought the finished style is great.

People relaxing their hair want their hair to be bone straight when their hair is wet and dry.

This is not likely to happen 100% of the time with every hair type. African American hair is shaped differently depending on the origin of the parents and parents parents. Basically the hair is in a coiled shape. This coil may be tighter the closer to African descent versus a lesser coil resembling a wave.

The natural wave pattern of your hair is the safest pattern for your your to be healthy. In your natural state your bonds are close together and tight causing a stronger tighter hair. When this bond is altered by chemicals, your hair is weakened to some degree and there is a loss of natural oils that have been removed. Chemically altered hair must be conditioned and treated every week to keep the hair balanced and healthy or it will become weak, dry and break.

Relaxing Tips For Cream Hair Relaxers
The relaxing process of the hair is what straightens out the hair. The relaxer chemical only relaxes the hair curl or wave. The person that is applying the relaxer determines with their experience when to remove the chemical.

Most relaxer products will tell you when to remove the relaxer depending on the hair texture. But a professional knows that all hair is not created equal and may need a different time limit for a more softer less porous hair or a thicker more porous hair.

A professional will apply the chemical and once hair is softened will begin where product is first applied to physically straighten the hair in small or large sections with the back of comb or hands until each section is straight.

Hair is then checked until the wave pattern is relaxed and left on longer until hair is able to hold the new pattern once heavy cream is smoothed off.

It is this crucial step that is sometimes missed. A stylist or consumer may not have the experience to analyze hair until the desired straightness is achieve and remove the relaxer. This is also the safest thing to do if not sure or experienced. Your hair will still perform well with rollers or other styling appliances.

How Straight Should Relaxed Hair Be?
Determining how straight hair should be when getting a relaxer is best done with a consultation with a stylist that know your hair. You can however have a more experienced professional that can relax your hair the way you want the first try but you may not understand why....

Firstly stylist come with all different types of experience and education. (I do expect you to get dizzy now) There are stylist that know how to read and analyze hair and prepare it before the chemical process is to be done while others will just base your scalp and apply regardless of the hairs analysis.

Of course the hair that is not in the best shape and is lacking will revert leaving a straight look now and a less straight look when air-dried. It is the healthiest hair that can be relaxed and maintain a straighter relaxed look.

Just imagine not using lotions on your hands for a month they will become ashy and dry. Now imagine buying a great hand lotion that claims to stop all the dry skin for a week. This product may not work for you because you have not been caring for your skin on a regular basis. The same is true with relaxed and hair with other chemicals the more you properly care for your chemically relaxed hair the better results you will get from your efforts.

No worries begin today caring for your relaxed hair and you will see instant results. The longer you maintain a great relaxed hair care regemin you will notice healthier and longer relaxed hair.

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