Saturday, April 7, 2012

How To Curl Synthetic Hair And Renew Your Childs Braided Hair Style

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There are many beautiful children that are having their hair braided with synthetic hair. This type of hair is more realistic than ever before.The texture is soft and it is easy to re-curl.

When the curl of synthetic fibers start looking undesirable you can use this method to spice up and renew the style.

Learning how to curl synthetic hair while on your child's head will assure the process is done safely and effectively. The first thing you should know is the synthetic hair can be altered with high temperature water.
This alone tells you this can be tricky and dangerous if not properly done.

You will have to have some supplies at hand first along with some assistance from another person to hand you your supplies or assist you when needed.

Styling Methods To Curl Synthetic Braided Hair

More Permanent Curl Method
  • 2 large towels
  • large plastic bowl
  • boiling water
  • Medium or large perm rods
  • large durable plastic cup with handle.

  1. Perm rods or large braids are done on dry braids. Rods are placed on ends of hair away from the scalp.
  2. Dry towel is folded in half and place on childs shoulders while leaning back. Head may rest on back of kitchen chair.
  3. Empty bowl is placed under braids with perm rods to catch water.
  4. Microwaved water should be in wide bowl with handle while braids with roller/rods are dipped. Hot water can also be poured over rollers than sprayed with cold water to cool and set braids. Always pour away from the scalp allowing steam to rise up without touching the skin.
After this process the perm rods can be removed right away after cooling with cold water. Squeeze any remaining water with dry towel. Spray sheen onto hair for added shine.

You can also braid hair and place rods at the bottom. Dip hair and rod in boiled water for a few minutes and pour cool water to firm curls.

WARNING! Be very careful to avoid steam burns and only dip synthetic hair never your childs hair beneath it. Start inches below child hair ends. use protective draping over child in case of splashing.

Softer Semi- Permanent Method For Curling Synthetic Hair
Caruso C97958 Professional ION Steam HairsetterFor a more softer curl that may not last as long but is safer you can use a set of steam rollers. You will have a softer curl and more security until you get more practice with the previous method.

SteamFast SF-435W Compact Fabric Steamer, WhiteYou may even want to place in large braids for the wavy look and blast each braid with steam. (Away from the scalp of course). The compact fabric steamers today are small and easy to handle. Cool with cold wet towel to set and prevent any discomfort.

Temporary Method To Curling Synthetic Hair

Curling synthetic hair with a more temporary method will require more time but is much safer for smaller or figity children. All you need to do is saturate the braids with styling or setting mouse and allow to air dry over night.

The sponge rollers, perm rods or large braids for the wavy look. The curls will slowly fall out until the next time the process is done.

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