Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How To Open A Money Making Hair Salon Business

The hair salon business is booming and there are thousands of graduates everyday. Most dream of someday owning their own salon but don't think about the very basic ingredients it takes to own and run a successful hair salon.

After finally finishing beauty school and becoming a great stylist and getting your cosmetology license many run out and prematurely open their first salon just to have it inevitable happen, it has to close.

When opening a beauty salon you have to first experience how a salon is ran by experience and training from every level. Building a successful salon does not begin with great styling but with discipline,great discipline and organization.

  • skilled staff
  • budgeting
  • problem solving
  • online presence
  • marketing
Of course  this is an important criteria for your staff but with ongoing training your stylist can be molded into a great team by:

  • staff meetings
  • training
  • support

 I mention team because among the other responsibilities you will have to know how to work with a team and teach the team how to work together during business hours as professionals. They should not feel as if they are in competition with one another after all clients will see your skills and go with whomever has what skills they need at the time... it isn't personal, just business.

When you learn how to concentrate on being your best and being professional people will tell their friends; but if you don't, they will tell the world! 

Money can buy you a salon, but a hair salon with professional and skilled talent will assure you a very successful hair salon business you will be proud of. It is very important to place yourself in salon training during and after graduating beauty school to gain the experience of running every aspect of a hair salon.

 Many franchise salons have training programs a new stylist can take advantage of before taking the leap into ownership. Learning how to open a successful money making hair salon business is in your future should you except the responsibilities before you.

"Remember, you are not in competition with anyone but yourself; always excel past your best self.  ~Darlene Matthews"

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  1. Good post and some really good tips which will definitely help us to have healthy hair. Thank you for sharing it with us and keep posting such posts