Thursday, August 19, 2010

How Many Types Of Permanent Waves Are There? Whats Is A Hair Perm

What Is A Perm?

A perm is also known as a permanent wave. This term is also misused when referring to a hair relaxer that permanently straightens your hair. Easy to see how this mistake happened. However the chemical process in nothing alike.

A perm (permanent wave) is a chemical process used to give your hair a curl. Those that have straight hair use this chemical process to give hair more body and bounce with their blow outs, while others prefer a natural curly look.

You've seen the blow curl styles, well that is why the hair does not flatten out quickly. The permanent wave causes the hair cuticles to open given the hair a fuller- thicker look and feel.
Having a professional stylist do your perm will assure the right type used to keep your hair healthy and beautiful. We all know what a bad perm can do. Stringy and thanks.

How Many Types Of Hair Perms Are There?

Acid perms are used for fine and thin hair that needs extra care. This extra care is needed for hair that is damaged or chemically treated. The low acidic balance is perfect for this special hair type.

Alkaline perms is used for hair that is considered normal which could mean no chemicals,healthy and may be resistant and can use a firm curl.

Exothermic perms will also give a strong bouncy curl with a self heating chemical reaction when the solution is mixed. The heat is what activates,rebonds,conditions, and processes the curl pattern on the curling rods.

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