Saturday, April 7, 2012

How To Curl Synthetic Hair And Renew Your Childs Braided Hair Style

There are many beautiful children that are having their hair braided with synthetic hair. This type of hair is more realistic than ever before.The texture is soft and it is easy to re-curl.

When the curl of synthetic fibers start looking undesirable you can use this method to spice up and renew the style.

Learning how to curl synthetic hair while on your child's head will assure the process is done safely and effectively. The first thing you should know is the synthetic hair can be altered with high temperature water.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Save Money On Your Custom Lace Wig by Making Your Own

You can do it too. Just look at the people on YouTube making their own wigs... Why not you?

Make a wig of your own and save money. If you know how to thread a needle you can make your own wig.

The instructions will have you making your own wig like a pro. But first here are some item you will need to get from your local Beauty Supply Store or Amazon

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How To Open A Money Making Hair Salon Business

The hair salon business is booming and there are thousands of graduates everyday. Most dream of someday owning their own salon but don't think about the very basic ingredients it takes to own and run a successful hair salon.

After finally finishing beauty school and becoming a great stylist and getting your cosmetology license many run out and prematurely open their first salon just to have it inevitable happen, it has to close.

When opening a beauty salon you have to first experience how a salon is ran by experience and training from every level. Building a successful salon does not begin with great styling but with discipline,great discipline and organization.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Growing Out Relaxed Hair Care Tips-Relaxer Tips

Chemically hair relaxing for a more manageable style is what thousands if not million have been doing for years. A hair relaxer is when your natural wave pattern is removed by a chemical straightener.

Many have chosen hair relaxers for the performance they see on commercials,others and word of mouth. But the age old question "why isn't my hair straight?" keeps surfacing even thought the finished style is great.

People relaxing their hair want their hair to be bone straight when their hair is wet and dry.

This is not likely to happen 100% of the time with every hair type. African American hair is shaped differently depending on the origin of the parents and parents parents. Basically the hair is in a coiled shape. This coil may be tighter the closer to African descent versus a lesser coil resembling a wave.

Monday, January 9, 2012

How To Remove Your Lace Front Wig Without Harming Your Scalp

Removing your lace front wig doesn't have to be damaging to your scalp but you have to remember not to skip on the first step.
  • Clean skin with alcohol.
  • Apply skin protective cream. Allow to dry.
  • Apply lace front wig.
If you neglect to appy the skin protectant cream you are subjecting yourself to skin irritations during removal of your lace wig unit. The products that are made to dissolve glues and adhesive residue should be used before each new lace front wig application for your protection and longer hold.