Thursday, December 15, 2011

Growing Longer Hair And Stop Hair Loss, Dry Damaged Hair During The Winter Months

When you make the decision to growing your hair longer you will also be making a decision to being more aware of the products and heat you use to groom it.

There may be simple things we do that cause stress to our hair that we are unaware of, such as:

  • Excess heat
  • Exposure to long term sun
  • Exposure to extreme cold
  • Lack of moisturizing product
  • Lack of conditioning
  • Tight hairstyles

We have to protect our tresses from the brutal cold air and the dry indoor heat. Silk or satin lined hats can give your hair added protection to prevent winter dryness and breakage.

Remember to never go to sleep without wrapping your hair or to never allow your hair to rest on wool fabric that dry and pull out strands of hair.

6 Tips To Growing Longer Hair  

  1. Wrap hair each night.
  2. Wear satin lined hats.
  3. Cover car head rest with satin or silk.
  4. Wear satin/silk scarves over wool coats.
  5. Moisturize every night.
  6. Deep condition every week or two. Alternate with hot oil treatments.

Breaking and shedding begins slowly and by the time winter is over you would have lost inches of hair. Buy silk or satin scarves, hats, and pillow cases. Buying an extra satin cap will allow you to cover your car seat for a barrier between your hair and the car upholstery.

Use these hair care tips will help to prevent and stop winter hair loss, breakage and dryness during the winter months. For more valuable hair care tips I suggest you get your own copy of this Hair Care Guide  with tips to growing longer  hair.


  1. Ways to Increase Hair Growth

    Whiles it is true that on average the rate of hair growth is between half an inch a month. You can take steps to boost this number with some simple tips.

    Tip #1 - You want to make sure you are taking in only clean and healthy foods. The cleaner your organs and system the faster your mane will grow. So take steps to decrease sugar, fat and salt from your diet.

    Tip #2 - Get extra blood to flow to your scalp. Nothing is better than a scalp massage. A good scalp massage will send blood to the scalp which will help make hair grow faster.

    Tip #3 - Use a hair growth product called Mira hair oil if you wish to make hair grow faster. This is a herbal oil that has all the oils and herbs your hair needs to grow even faster.

    Mira Hair Oil has produced significant results on many users who experiences limited hair growth, damaged and dry hair, premature greying, hair loss, dandruff and brittle hair. Visible results are seen in 3-4 weeks of use on the majority of users.

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