Sunday, September 25, 2011

How To Cut Your Own Stylish Bangs Into Long Hair

Having a bang cut into your long hair has it's challenges and having a fabulous bang is one of those challenges. I found a few ways that may make your journey to cutting the best bangs possible a little easier.

Below are some how to hairstyle videos  and to the left your own cutting instructions to help and inspire you to create a new look with your long hair.

As a hair professional for many many years I have to caution you to use your first parting as a guide line. The next parting should be thin enough to see what you have cut already. Do Not cut thick sections. This will give you a choppy unprofessional look. Take your time and do the smaller sections. Use scissors designed for hair cutting. you can grab a cheap pair from Sally's. Use them for only hair cutting to preserve the sharpness.

 How To Cut A Professional Bang

  1. Spray hair to make damp.
  2. Make desire parting for the amount of hair you want in your bangs
  3. Use clamps to keep hair out of your way and a smaller clamp for the hair allotted for your bangs.
  4. Take a small parting enough to see a little skin and comb down. clamp excess.
  5. Cut this hair while lying flat against your skin.
  6. Make next horizontal part above it seeing the line from the first cut. If you can't see the line as a guide you have too much hair.
  7. Continue this method until you are done cutting your bang.

How To Style Your Bang In Long Hair to The Side With Fringe

How To Cut Bangs And Layers On Long Hair

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