Friday, November 11, 2011

How To Curl Synthetic Braid Styles-Curling My Braids

Natural Hair Care and BraidingYour braids are done and looking good but after a few weeks between showering, shampooing or other fun stuff.
You begin to loose your curls or the synthetic hair become snarly.

How To Curl Your Synthetic Braids

Don't worry about synthetic braids that lost their curls. You can easily fix re-curl them with some simple techniques.

Here are some easy instructions to follow that will have you back in your glory in no time at all. But please do not do this alone. Hot water burns so be very careful.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Best Lace Wig Glue To Use To Install A Lace Front Wig- Lace Wig Adhesive

Choosing the best lace wig glue if very important before installing your lace front wig . Lace front wigs are such a wonderful way for all people to have the hair of their dreams.

Before Choosing Your Lace Wig Adhedsive
You will have to have an idea about how long you will be wearing your lace front wig in order to determine what type of wig adhesive to use.

  •     Daily Removal
  •     Week End
  •     One Month