Sunday, October 9, 2011

How To Remove Glue/Adhesive From Lace Front Wigs

Wearing your beautiful lace front with was a nice experience and even having it attached was not such a bad process. But what happens when you want to remove your weave? Do you know what to expect after removing your lace front wig or have you tried to remove the lace wig adhesive and made a big mess or worse, had to throw your wig away?

Here is some help to show you how to properly remove the glue from your lace front wig after you have removed it from your head with the proper strength remover.

How To Prepare Your Lace Front Wig Before Removing the Wig Adhesive or Glue

You first have to prepare by gathering all needed supplies before you begin.

  • hair tie
  • wide brush
  • towels
  • 100% acetone
  • medium size bowl
  • paper towels
6 Steps To Taking The Adhesive Out Of Your Lace Front Wig
This process can take about an hour to finish all sections so take your time. Certain glues and heavier applications can take longer to dissolve. Remember your wig has to be treated gentle to prevent damage.
  1. Comb your wig out first place the hair in one large braid.
  2. Put 100% pure acetone into medium size bowl.
  3. Soak only lace and adhesive  of one section for 8-10 minutes.
  4. Remove any remainder of glue off with your fingertips.
  5. Repeat for next section until done.
  6. After glue removal is done wash lace wig.
If you see any whiteness on your lace wig it is only the dryness from the acetone and will be moved after the lace wig is shampooed. You can remove any lose glue by rubbing outward with paper towels. The adhesive will roll right off.

Some methods seem strange but may be what works when nothing else does. Remember on method does not work for all. There are different types of glues, tapes and lace materials that have to be considered. Look below.


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  2. Great post.
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  3. Recently i buy some stylish lace wig from online store Elevate Styles, but facing problem to take care and maintain them properly. Your article has solved my problem. Thanks for sharing this useful tips.

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  5. Nice read and I also enjoy watching the video. I used extensions every time I go to a night out and I used hair bonding to attached them on my head. I can say I can manage them to put on my head but not a pro. I get messed up sometimes and your post helps