Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sexy Bald Men Wonderfully Confident

by Darlene Matthews

When I see men that are not confident this is a turn off. Normally the men that are not confident have hair that is not groomed appropriately and they are fighting the fact that they are going bald.

Sexy bald head can cure all of the grooming issues, but the confidence issue is still a problem if going bald is not excepted. There are men that are going bald and begin to cut their hair closer. This is a great beginning.

The man that made this decision is now entering the acceptance stage and slowly rebuilding his confidence.

A Story About Sexy Baldness
Bald is the new sexy. I just want you to know balding men, a sexy man are sexy when bald. I have to confess that the sexiest man I ever dated was a balding man. It was his confidence that made him so hot and sexy not his lack of hair. Balding men also compensate by becoming a better companion once they are on the road to recovery after acceptance. In my opinion.

Man I remember when he first asked me out I didn't see the balding area and when I did I thought that I could not be seen with a balding man. I expected him to stain the balding area and comb his hair over. This is something I could not do as a trained professional.

I did advise him to cut his hair very close. I was very comfortable about his confident level after all. He did not do strange things to appear to have more hair as I assumed he would. I believe this is why he turned his back to me to see if I was a mature woman that was not superficial.

Sexy Bald Men

I am to a certain degree, I just love a confident man and if that is being superficial, so be it. A great low hair-cut or a bald head is a beautiful thing. Being enslaved by hair that is not staying is not.
By way this same sexy balding man loved me in heels,makeup and long hair. Go figure! Oh well back to the sexy bald men.

Bald men are only as hot as they feel they are. Taking the remainder of your hair off when balding is a great way to get past the inevitable. Enjoy your life and don't get caught up in something that can't be changed.

 What makes a bald head beautiful and sexy is confidence. Be well you sexy balding men.

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