Friday, July 1, 2011

How To Choose Best Hairstyles For Your Face Shape

No matter what your face shape is there are people that car redefine what the professionals say. For instance if you have the confidence to pull off a mohawk at 50 than bless you! It is the confidence that let's us experience life out of the box.
Your face changes as we get older, slimmer, gain weight or work out. So don't get stuck . Keep your options open and come up with the best hairstyles you can wear with your face shape.

But if your hairstyle could use some help and you have been rocking the same style for years, you are in the right place. You may even find out that the style you have been wearing is not flattering to your best features.

Oval Face Shape
This is the most easiest shaped face for hair styles and the most classic look for this face is a style that frames the face in perfect proportions

Heart Face Shape
A heart shaped face will be more accentuated with the ends of the hair pointing outward to balance the facial features.

Round Face Shape
A round face can be slimmed down with feathered cuts coming toward the face. You will have a more sophisticated look also.

Square Face Shape
A square face needs the symetry to be broken up with a side partings, layers and/or curls. Long hair is great for a square face.

Long Face Shape
With a long face a bang can minimize a forehead and a shoulder or chin length style can broaden the face

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