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The Best Lace Wig Glue To Use To Install A Lace Front Wig- Lace Wig Adhesive

Choosing the best lace wig glue if very important before installing your lace front wig . Lace front wigs are such a wonderful way for all people to have the hair of their dreams.

Before Choosing Your Lace Wig Adhedsive
You will have to have an idea about how long you will be wearing your lace front wig in order to determine what type of wig adhesive to use.

  •     Daily Removal
  •     Week End
  •     One Month
You may be going on vacation and want to get your hair wet. In this case you will want to use a more permanent adhesive that can tolerate water and have an extra hold to give you the needed confidence while away from your stylist or hair supply.

Whether you only plan to wear your lace front for two weeks or 2 months you can plan to have a successful journey by choosing the proper adhesive.

It is very important not to use an extra hard bond if you only plan to wear a synthetic lace front wig for only 1 or 2 weeks you will save yourself a lot of time and money removing your lace if you use a more temporary hold for this purpose.

Warning! Always use a scalp protector before using any lace wig adhesives  for firmer hold and to prevent skin irritations.

Choosing Your Lace Wig Adhesive
It is important to ask the appropriate questions before having this procedure done.
  • How Long will I wear my hair?
  • Walker Ultra Hold .5 ozDo I want to remove it everyday?
  • What if I go swimming?
  • What about my sensitive skin?
  • What if I get caught in the rain?
  • How will I remove it?



Questions Before Choosing Your Lace Wig Glue

Endura Bond 1oz BottleThe adhesives made for longer term wear are more expensive such as Endura Bond and you will best spend your money by using this adhesive on a human hair lace wig. This adhesive is so strong you can use only a little with a toothpick. This glue is great but must be used with a light touch.

If you haven't applied many lace front wigs do not start this one, use a lesser strength adhesive.Now removing the product you use is not hard when you use the same manufacturer type remover. The manufacturer knows exactly what remover will remove their own product. However 100% alcohol and acetone works for most. Citris should be tried first for lesser hold adhesives.
What If I Sweat Too Much or Have Oily Skin?

Some lace wig wearers have issues with sweaty and warm skin that can adversely react to the way an adhesive holds your wig in place. Perma Tec adhesive bond will react to different climate and skin changes giving you added hold and confidence when things heat up!

However you must consider if your skin is sensitive or not. A water based glue is the best thing to use for sensitive skin the other adhesives are solvent (chemical) based and cause the skin to breakout. You may have to give up an extra long hold but at least your skin will be safe. You will also have to keep in on hand in case of emergencies.


Things To Consider When Choosing A Lace Wig Adhesive

  • Hot temperatures
  • Removal
  • Sensitive skin
  • Sweaty skin
  • Swimming
  • Rain

It might not be a glue you are looking for, it just might be No-Shine Adhesive Tape. This tape should be used after using a protector on your scalp. It offers you a firm hold without all the hassle of glue removel afterwards.
Always us a scalp protector before using any adhesive. It will also give you a firmer hold.

Now you can see why evaluating your hair needs opens up so many more questions. Choosing the right products means accessing your needs first. After you have accessed your needs first you will then be able to tell your stylist what you expect out of your hair appointment.


If you want to have a great lace wig experience make sure your foundation is intact. Using the proper lace front wig adhesive for your unique purpose is the proper way to build that foundation. Please visit http://allurahairdirect.com/shop/

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