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How To Style African American Hair Without The Pain

Styling African American children hair without the pain is not just a job but a journey. To do African American girls hair while preventing a sore scalp and scream child is a learned process.If you lack the proper skills it will not be good experience for you or the child.

African American hair will break fast, become dry/dull and appear not to grow at all it neglected or not treated properly. The scalp will become dry, itchy, and finally break from neglect.

Proper haircare will maintain a soft texture that African American hair processes with the proper care. Learning to care for your child's kinky natural hair is a must to prevent breakage from dryness.

Going-Natural: How to Fall in Love with Nappy HairDon't Use Negative Terms While Doing Child's Hair

Never use negative terms when doing hair, this will lower child’s self esteem and cause negative feelings about their hair. Which happen too many of us already.You want this to be enjoyable and remembered in a loving way.

After all, all hair is beautiful. Just misunderstood.
Making your hair session enjoyable will allow you and the child to bond, master your new skills, and grow wonderful healthy hair.With great advice of course.

Shampooing My Child's Curly/ Kinky Dry Hair and Hair Rejuvenation

Daily shampooing can cause hair to become undernourished. Hair should only be shampooed once a week with shampoo for African American natural hair, two weeks at the most, even for braided styles. It takes that long for most hair to build up natural oil that take others a day.

Hair can be shampooed with braids in them. Just oil between the parts or spray well with hair moisturizer or Isoplus oil sheen. No other sheen will add the needed nutrients to the hair.A moisturized scalp will prevent an itchy dry scalp.

Shampoos I recommend are ROOT Stimulator Creamy Aloe Shampoo, Motions Moisturizing Shampoo, or Cream of Nature for Dry Hair. In that order. These shampoos are perfect for African American

Children with kinky hair. They really help to detangle the hair.
Improper hair maintenance is why many have issues with lifeless hair, and breakage. Always remember “Dry hair breaks”.

  Hair should never be allowed to be dried out. An African American Child's Hair will break if moisture is not maintained. This curly/kinky hair is naturally dry and very delicate and will restrict and become very brittle and break if not cared for properly.

This type of hair takes up to a week or more to develop proper levels of natural healthy oils from scalp. There also needs to be help from you, by adding olive oil base creams and moisturizers to hair and scalp daily or every other day to avoid dryness.

There is a product that is called “Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion by Organic
ROOT Stimulator” Their conditioner is a must. Use with plastic cap for about an hour with out a hood dryer.

“Smooth n Shine Therapy Scalp & Breakage Miracle Leave In Treatment Conditioner”
is a very good lotion when not deep conditioning.

These products are very good for every part of African American children’s hair, especially the ends that are not matured and more fragile.

Natural olive oil is great for the scalp if child has eczema and can’t use product on their scalp.

Undo African American Hairstyling Emotional Pain

Create a Great Experience, Bonding Time & Softer Hair
African American children With Curly/Kinky Hair may have sensitive scalps and experience discomfort during hair care sessions because of the styling without proper technique.No worries this is soon to be in the past.

Let the child know that their hair is beautiful, misunderstood but beautiful and special.This is your special bonding time together. Make it the best it can be.(Your child will eventually tell her child this was your best time together.)

However breaks may be needed with younger children as well as snacks, toy, favorite video, and a hug may help. Make this time pleasant. I use my grandchild's favorite video when I do her hair.

Shampoo and Treatment For Softer Hair and Hair Rejuvenation

You can use “Just For Me Hair Products”or called “Hair Milk Straightening Mist” when detangling wet or dry hair with a wide vent brush starting from the bottom working your way up in four to six sections.

Always work in sections, and gently comb and detangle with wide tooth comb or wide vent wig brush after and before shampooing.Start in small section from the bottom and work your way up. You may want to spray an detangler before beginning this process.

Blow dry in sections also putting hair moisturizer generously onto each section. When hair is 95% dry, finish the process with isoplus oil sheen in blue can or liquid gloss. This will really prepare the hair for braiding, ponytails, or ceramic irons for older child.

Braids styles are a great choice because of the time consuming nature of styling the hair. Also showers, bath, and swimming will cause the hair to revert to its natural coiled shape. Braid styles will allow the child to remain flexible without worry. Medium to small braids will last longer than larger braids.
fyi: If the braids are too tight they can cause great damage to the scalp that can lead to baldness,sore scalp, and scalp sores.

Maintaining Braid Styles

Wave Builder Wave Training Cap BlackYou can find a college student of neighbor to braid the hair and you maintain it. Make sure a satin cap is placed on the hair at night to prevent strand of hair from sliding out of hairstyle . Men wave caps work well too.

Remember to spray braids and oil between scalp. If hair is neglected it will break serverely when braids are removed. Also hair does naturally shed so don’t be upset when seeing hair in comb when removing braids.

Ponytails Hairstyle

Curly Q's Moist Curls Detangler/daily Curl Moisturizer, 8-Ounce BottlePonytails are always a life saver. There is a product called “Let’s Jam regular” that will lay hair down into a shiny neat ponytail. Apply with the back of a tail comb after brushing section. Braid or twist ponytail at night to prevent breakage from rubber band or ponytail holder after they are removed.

fyi: Making the hair too tight , this will damage the scalp and cause hair shedding,sore scalp,scalp sores or alopecia (balding spots)

Warning: Spots that itch can be a warning of damaged blood vessels from tight styles that will eventually lose hair.(alopecia) Balding in spots.

Smooth Hairline
Let’s Jam hair pomade regular strength is great for laying edges down when braiding hair or doing flat twist hairstyle. Apply small amounts with back side of tail comb.

Pain Free Blow Dry Steps

Detangle after shampooing.
  • Towel dry hair well.
  • Spray hair with “Hair Milk Straightening Mist” by “Just for Me” Company. Twist hair into 4 or 6 sections as you detangle.
  • Blow dry hair starting with first section. Brush first section of hair out , hold it extended as straight as you can while you blow out excess moisture.
  • African Royale Hot Six OilRub moisturizing lotion into hair, brush again, then use comb attachment to finish drying.
There is an oil called "Hot Six Oil" that will absolutely finish the blowdrying while leaving the hair managable, soft to the touch, while adding oil treatment.

When Is a african american childs hair ready for a relaxer?

This is decision that should be well though out because if your going to properly maintain the relaxed hair it break off causing a terrible situation , the breakage could continue until all relaxed hair comes out, if you opt not to put it in again.

I hoped you enjoyed and found "Pain Free Hairstyling For African American Girl" helpful.

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