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How To Shampoo Braids With Or Without Hair Extensions

Breathtaking Braids book: An Annual Guide To Hair Braiding Styles & Designs Across The CaribbeanBraid extensions still are very popular especially in the summer months when there is much fun and vacationing to do. Or maybe you just need a break from the daily struggle of styling your hair.

The beauty of adding hair extensions is that you are able to have any length, color, or texture you want. The sky is the limit.

At one time braids were not excepted in the work place, that time is gone. However braids with hair extensions are treated too carefree and are not maintained properly causing the hair beneath it to dry out and break abnormally.

Hair is expected to shed on a normal basis, and surprised some when they are taking out the braids months later.

Shedding appears to be excessive but realize that it hasn't been combed or brushed in months, so all of the normal shedding comes out at the same time.

However if you do not moisturize your hair the attached hair will absorb the little natural oils and leave you with nothing but dry hair.

Oils are also lost on pillow cases, hats and scarves. This is why it is important to add oils and moisture, Especially on relaxed hair to prevent dry hair.

Synthetic Braid Hair Extensions

Synthetic braid are best done with a kanekalon fiber which is a higher quality of synthetic hair.
  • This hair is flame retardant,
  • Nicer to touch Easier to work with
  • Better for your human hair.
  • Human Hair Look and Feel
  • Large variety of Colors
  • Large variety of textures
  • Inexpensive

Why Human Hair Extensions?
Same as above:
  • Softer with higher quality Large variety of Colors Large variety of textures.
  • Cost Varies with length.
  • Curly hair will re-curl with water or product.
  • Hair can be curled with curling irons.
How To Shampoo Braids
Shampooing human hair braid extensions should be done with great care , because when the hair is wet it becomes softer and more easy to loosen up.

I suggest putting rubber bands at the end of the braided part of the braid tightly into six pony tails if style is individual box braids or micros.

Use warm but not hot water. Use a moisturizing shampoo, add hair anti-septic to shampoo to kill bacteria on scalp. Allow second shampoo with an astringent to sit for 3-5 minutes to penetrate the skin and refresh the scalp.
  1. Section Hair into 6 ponytails
  2. De-tangle any loose hair on ends
  3. Shampoo twice
  4. Rinse Well
  5. Wrap with thick towel to absorb water
  6. Apply liquid leave-in conditioner/treatment (will rejuvenate curly/wavy hair)
  7. Spray hair with moisturizer especially your hair!
  8. Place under very warm to hot dryer to finish drying (except synthetic hair)
Re-curling Synthetic Hair
Leave out step 8 for synthetic hair, the heat can damage the hair. Wrap with towel longer. Change towels for faster drying. Hair can be reset with perm rods and extremely hot water.
WARNING: Do not do this alone! Protect the Skin at all times. If hair is not long do not try this method
  1. Braid three large braid to ends with a perm-rod on the ends.
  2. Dip into deep container of very hot water from microwave.
  3. Wrap immediately with cold wet towel to avoid touching skin.
  4. Have dry large towel to finish absorbing water when hair is cooled off.
Curl is set!

Re-curling Human Hair
Human Hair can be re-curled with :
  1. Rollers or rods (with quick dry styling mouse)
  2. Curling Irons
  3. Wet and wavy hair is rejuvenated when wet.

Hair should be sprayed with moisturizers and hair oils to allow the hair to maintain oils to prevent abnormal hair shedding and scalp dryness.Remember, "Dry Hair Breaks".

Hair is to be wrap with a scarf or covered with large satin hair bonnet to prevent loose hairs from rubbing out of the braids and attracting lint.

Your braid style should last at least two months with proper maintenance and hair braiding/extension advice.

FYI: If your braid or to delicate to shampoo or you are too afraid because of a bad experience. Use seabreeze on cotton and wipe scalp clean! Itching in public is not cool!

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