Thursday, November 18, 2010

How to Make Dreads On Straight Or Relaxed Hair-Dreadlocks On Straight Hair-Dread Styles

Having relaxed hair and wanting to know How To Start Dreads do not mean cutting you hair if you know how to lock straight hair. There are other races besides African American that get their hair dreaded.

Starting dreads on kinky hair is easier in some perspectives but the dreadlocks on straight hair can be shampooed more often depending of the locking method used.

The same process to cause straight hair to lock is the same as locking relaxed hair. The difference is the lack of moisture to keep the relaxed hair from becoming damaged.

But no worries, the lock method used will not allow the hair to unravel while spraying moisturizer and leave in conditioners to keep the relaxed hair healthy.

Without using locking methods that include backcombing and crochet needles the hair can unravel. These are the only methods that I know of to lock straight, wavy hair or other wise hard to lock hair that will allow you to shampoo and moisturize hair when ever you want without unraveling.

How To Maintain Dreads On Straight Hair

Now that your have dreads on your straight hair doesn't mean the job is over. Oh no, these lovely dreads have to be babied and worshipped like Gomez worships Mortisha!

What Shampoo Do I Use On Dreads On Straight Hair?

Knotty Boy Liquid Dread Shampoo 16 ozThe best shampoo to use on hair that isn't naturally kinky or with a tight spiral form should be one without a detangling residue.

A deep cleansing clear shampoo that is normally used to remove extra oils are the best shampoo to remove all traces of product and cause hair to lock even better.

There is a shampoo called Dread Head Shampoo that is free of all fragrances and other added chemicals that can prevent dreads from locking to their greatest potential.

You can use extra thirty towels to absorb water and use blow dryer to help hair dry faster. Dry hair naturally will taker forever!

How To Retwist New Growth On Straight Dreads

Dread Head HQ Dread-Licious Dread Scent Orange Xpli-Citrus Flavor
You can backcomb and/or twist the hair then use crotchet needle in a fast downward in and out movement to lock hair and pull in stray hairs. You can also buy loose human hair or synthetic hair in 5 inch sections to thicken dreadlocks and aid to locking. This will take practice but will be worth the effort.

                                         Scented Hair Spray for Dreads>>>

Rolled Ends

The tips have to be rolled around one tip at a time into the palm of your hand then palmrolled and rolled again. You can use a little bees wax or dread product.
This process is done until you are worn out and you can see the balled shape forming at the bottom, If the straight tips are a problem. Get a friend to help.

Palm Rolled Dreads

Palm rolling your dreads and backcombing will assure that your dreads stay nice and neat. Rubbing your two palms up and down your dreads with a pea size of wax or so will help lay the stray hair down.

If there are many stray hairs you can twist the hair and use the crotchet needle to control these out of control hair on the ends.

You will be a pro in a short while, but practice makes perfect! Enjoy your dreads on straight or relaxed hair!

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