Friday, October 1, 2010

How To Maintain African American Hair And Avoid Mistakes That Cause Hair Loss

Firstly I'd like to say that regardless of our many textures, African American hair is the most misunderstood and delicate hair. We have also come a long way since Madame CJ Walker.

If the hair is thick and course, we pull it, rake haphazardly through it, sew hair on it ,put glue in it and put searing heat through it with out an ounce of preventive measure to keep it safe.

If it's soft and naturally manageable we put globs of product on it and do not shampoo often enough and clog the pores causing thinner hair.

Train Our Children Proper Hair Maintenance

Not to mention our children are left to fend for themselves through school without the proper guidance with hair straighteners and styling aids. I've seen our children out to school with heads of hair so dry you can light it with a match. And so short from neglect they are force to wear hair pieces at the age of even six or seven years old.

The ones with naturally long hair still don't know how long their hair can really get because it is punished for being too long or too thick and is not shampooed or maintained often enough promising breakage and hair loss in the future.

If we want to have hair we have to learn and teach our children while they are young (by example) to keep our hair clean and always moisturized. And never put anything in our hair unless our hair is healthy enough to handle it.

It's not your fault , we are not taught these things in school. Well I was and many years of working and loving African American hair. So I gladly want to share and educate for the future growth of our hair!

I have to come strong so that you will remember most of what I am saying. This must be passed down to our children for their children. I also wrote "Pain Free Styling for African American Hair" that might be very useful.

Don't Make These Mistake With African American Hair

  • Don't put curling irons in hair that is not clean. Touching up hair only up to 3 days after shampoo.
  • Don't rip and pull hair through tangled dry hair without care.De tangle hair with wide tooth comb in sections. Spray detangler in to loosen it up.
  • Don't allow hair to dry out. Apply oil or moisturizer in scalp, hair, and ends at least every other day. The amount depends on how long the hair is. Hair should not be weighted down.
  • Don't let damaged end tear up hair shaft. Trim ends at least every two months. The ends are the oldest and driest part of your hair. Especially if neglected.
  • Don't forget to shampoo and rinse ends longer. They are more absorbent and holds in more depri and product.
  • Don't sleep or lay on drying fabrics without wrapping hair. Fabrics will further dry hair.
  • Don't put weaves and braids in hair without proper conditioning. If hair is damaged it should be treated first and left with a leave in conditioning.
  • Don't neglect to add oil/moisture to hair while weaved, extensions,braided, or dreaded. Dry hair will break. You will lose much more when it's time to remove hair.Hair will be further damaged.
  • Don't use pressing combs if when hot turns white tissue brown. It will burn hair and it will soon break. Use ceramic irons for more controlled heat on natural hair.Children like this better and it last longer.
  • Don't over condition hair. The conditioner will soon destroy and dissolve your natural oils leaving hair brittle when dry, if left on longer than instructed by manufactures. Especially instant conditioners.
FYI: Back of fabric car seat. Satin bonnet can be placed on car seat headrest. You can use satin pillow cases.

I promise, if you follow these simple tips you will see longer healthier and stronger hair with in 2 months.

African American Hair Care Tips:

  • Shampoo with moisturizing and deep cleansing shampoos.
  • Deep condition hair with medium heat every 2 weeks for no more than 20 minutes.
  • For dry hair give oil treatment twice a month.
  • Apply moisturizers to hair , edges, and ends every other day. In some cases daily. Massage to distribute, too much will clog pores causing thinning hair.
  • Trim ends with every touch up relaxer or every 6-8 weeks.
  • Apply protective lotion before blow drying, flat irons, and curling.
  • Wrap hair during sleeping.

Please visit Final Touch Hair Care for more African American hair care tips and pick up this guide book to grow long healthy hair!

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