Monday, April 11, 2011

Synthetic Lace Front Wig Review

If you are new to wearing Lace Front Wigs the best thing to do is experiment with synthetic wigs unless you have the money for human hair lace wigs and their upkeep. Maybe you just don't have the money any longer to purchase the more expensive lace front units.

What ever your reasons there are some awesome selections. I judge lace wigs for their options of realistic styles,fibers,colors and lace coverage for partings.
They may be the most bought wigs today. Knowing how to choose your wigs is half the battle finding the right style, how to have it installed,and what to install it with are the other parts.

Janet Collection Lace Wig Review

Janet Collection Front Lace Wig Michelle Color: 2Their wig is called full lace but it really isn't. The lace goes back about 3 1/2 inches for a longer part and from ear to ear.Hmmmmmmm! The colors of the lace wigs are very warm just like natural hair colors.

This collection does have a wig named MILLA that will allow you to feel more secure when the wind blows. Whole lace sometimes means lace just around the hairline area but hand tied in the center for more flexibility.

  • Great lace neckline for updo's.
  • Wide and deep lace front for longer parts.
  • Soft natural looking hair.
  • Re-curl with heat.

Freetress Lace Front Wig Review

Their hand tied wigs allow the movement of the hair to look natural., and the hairstyles are awesome if you don't need a deep part. The hair can be worn up but is not lace by the neck (nape) area.
  • Freetress Equal Synthetic Lace Front Wig - Jackie - 1Does not have the lace neckline but can be worn up.
  • Natural hair color
  • Natural lace color for multiple skin colors.
  • Re-curled and straighten with flat iron.
  • Hand tied to move naturally.
The firmer and harder lace that is a bother to some that are used to the softer lace on a human hair wigs. However the firmer lace has it's rewards. You are able to wear the wig with a better fit without having to apply tapes and glues. This will allow you to remove your hair at night and allow your wig to maintain the style longer.

Hair As A Gift Of Confidence

Hair does not make the person but it sure makes the person feel and look more confident. There are people that would otherwise feel insecure with their hair situation. Whether you don't know what to do with your hair, lost your hair from an illness or just want to have fun. There is something just right for you and the many reason you may need some hair help.
  • Hairloss
  • Mistake Hair Color
  • Bad Hair
  • Damaged Scalp
  • Damaged Hair
An awful head of hair can lead someone in a bad situation right into a depression. It may have happened to you. I have seen it people not even leave their homes because of a bad hair day. These inexpensive solutions can put a stop to all of this for as low as $35!

You can even treat someone that is sickly or experiencing hair-loss with an inexpensive gift of hair to bring up their spirits enough to face the world. If there is someone you now that can use some confidence getting back into the world from a job-loss or illness this is a way to give forward.

Now how is this for flexibility and options? Wearing synthetic hair is not bad unless it looks synthetic. Saving money doesn't mean sacrificing your style and image. You never know who is fabulously faux with their Synthetic Lace Wig. Next time it just might be you!

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  4. Hair does not make the person but it sure makes the person feel and look more confident. There are people that would otherwise feel insecure with their hair situation. But now no worries because of synthetic lace front wig that can help surely and beautifully.