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How To Find A Good Hairstylist In 3 Steps And 10 Traits Of A Good Hairdresser

There are a few Way To Find A Good Hair Stylist even if you don't first have a strategy plan. Most of us have experience the wrong stylist. Some of us take shots in the dark and pick one from online or from the salon decor. 

The right stylist, For the right job.

Some of our needs are of a delicate nature. Some of us enjoy hair weaves, relaxers, dreads, or braid extensions. These styles need to be done by people that do them as a trade not a hobby. In the wrong hands these procedures can be devastating! Read on to find a better way to finding a great hairstylist.

Specialties require special trained hairdressing professionals. Reputation is a must. Not just for these particular styling methods but for any styling method. We work too hard to throw any money away for sorry services.

3 Steps To Find A Good Hair Stylist

  1. Find a person that has stylish healthy hair. Healthy well groomed hair is a must to be noticed and admired.
  2. Get that persons stylist number. You want to know were to go when your hair is damaged. A haircare specialist will keep hair on your head when others can not.The stylish hair-designer may not have time for such things.
  3. When you find a person with a hot, fly,sharp, sexy,groomed,or bad head of hair. I mean a style that turned your head. You will definitely need a stylist that will know how to make you fabulous for special occasions. (I did say bad, you want to also know where not to go.)
Get that persons stylist number. Not just one, gather cards from more sources. Some stylist specialize in only certain types of hairstyles.(You don't want to go to the master haircutting artist for a wedding style!)

Finding A Good Hair Stylist

If you find yourself out of town or in a bind and just need a simple doo. Pay attention to the other stylist in the salon. Take this opportunity to watch who cares the most or less about being professional or satisfying their client.

Sometimes there is a diamond in the rough that hasn't developed their clientele yet but is very talented. This may be someone you can end up going to when the others are busy or out. This person will try their best just because they are still building.

Tip: If you know a hairstylist that specializes in haircare and can make your dry and breaking hair soft, long and healthy, keep that number for emergency haircare!

You never know when you might have to get squeezed in; in an emergency and can't afford the long wait.
I hope these suggestion help you in the future. Just think about the times when you were sitting in the chair of the scary stylist from hell and noticed another stylist making miracles happen and wished it was you?

Don't be Scared

Don't wait until you in the wrong chair, find those great styles while your shopping, in church, or dining out. Don't be afraid to ask for that stylists number. You should be more afraid to go blindly to a stylist with no recommendation!


10 Traits Of A Good Hairdresser:

  1. Be happy to please you and be patient while getting to know you and your hair.
  2. Greet you and welcome you even while they are busy.
  3. Listen to you about your styling needs and hair loss concerns.
  4. Sanitary equipment for your comfort and protection.
  5. Not have you waiting for hours if you have an appointment.
  6. Keep records of chemical processes done to your hair.
  7. Have a clean restroom for clients.
  8. Keep up with current haircare and styling classes.
  9. Stay in your price range
  10. Your happy to see them.
You have to weigh if the style is that important from this stylist if these important elements are missing in the salon. Why subject yourself to undo stress and discomfort if you have other choices. You are worth so much more to just settle. Queens have needs too!

Use these guideline to while making your choices for a hairstylist. A good hairstylist is like having a new addition to the family, it is forming a special relationship. Your hair will be trusted to someone else besides you. This is a trust relationship.

Is this too heavy? Well your worth it!

I know this sounds to deep, but it's true. Think about how you will feel if your hair is not styled right or made the wrong color. In a trust relationship you will trust these issue to be fixed without drama and feel comfortable to say something about it without backlash.

Have you had any bad hair experiences or a hard time to Find a good hairstylist? Please share a quick story if you have one.

Enjoy Your Stylist and God Bless! 

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