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See How Long Should Twist or Braids Stay In Your Hair

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Braids and twist are beautiful and very convenient; however there are many who leave their braids in way too long, just to cry over excessive hair breakage. 

Remember your hair loses approximately 75 to 100 strands of hair a day, and that's with normal combing. Imagine what happens in more time with damaged hair. If your hair is dry and causes breakage from neglect.

If you do not want your hair to lock while it is naturally shedding. It should not stay in more than a month, month and a half. After this time it will become more difficult to remove because of the shedding taking place which causes the hair to twist and lock at the roots. This can become difficult to remove.

How Long Should Braids Or Twist Stay In?
  1. When braids or twist began to twist by themselves at the root area, they should be taken out before they lock.
  2. Remove braids or twist between 2-4 weeks ideally for proper hair maintenance. However refer to advice #1 if you want your style in longer (2-6 months) and promise to care for hair properly as instructed to prevent damage.
  3. If hair is too tight they will harm the health of your scalp and should be removed immediately.
  4. Please remove bad looking styles immediately. No need to talk about them, just remove them.
African American hair is very delicate and will break very, very easily if mistreated. This is because of our hair bonds.are spiral and weaken when straighten. Not to mention the fact that we don't produce the amount of natural oils other nationalities produce. Daily shampooing can further dry out our hair.

Are hair is strongest when left in it's natural state being that our bonds are spiral. Straight hair is weaker when it is curled because that is not how the bond is shaped. This is why proper conditioning and care is crucial and also why braids and twist should not stay into long causing extra stress and weight on natural hair.

That is why many do not achieve a long length and always have new growth. The hair strands growth cycle life not become longer until the proper level of moisture is maintained in the hair.

This is why in the seventies the greasy geri curls causes African Americans to have hair down their back all over the nation!

Make Twist and Braids Last Longer With Proper Maintenance

Shampooing your braids,dreads, or twist:
  • Mix seabreeze into your shampoo and gently shampoo twice or three times. Let second shampoo stay in for 3 to 5 minutes to refresh and kill bacteria. This will feel great! Now follow direction 2 and 3.
  • Wrap hair in large towel to absorb excess water. Even the men can do this!
Shampoo Free When hair can not be disturbed due to illness or delicate nature of the hairstyle.
  1. I suggest wiping sea breeze on the scalp once a week (can be used daily if you work out) to keep it clean and refreshed while keeping hair in place.
  2. Spray a moisturizing leave in conditioner and oil in your hair to keep it moist and strong. There are so many to choose from. You must prevent you hair from becoming dried out. Dry hair breaks.
  3. Use an oil free sheen for a quick shine without over oiling extensions

Wrap Twist, Dreadlocks, or Braids Every night To Last Longer and Maintain Great Look
  1. In a bind you can use a small tee shirt with a small neck to protect your hair.
  2. Just pull it over your head. Flip it back over your twist or braids. Depending how long my hair is at the time .
  3. I suggest a rubber band on the end of the tee to keep the hair in. This prevents lint from getting in the hair.and protects the hair from being rubbed and unruly.
I hope this has been informative to you. 

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