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Find Out How Long Should African American Braids Styles Stay In

Hairtalk: Stylish Braids from African RootsLeaving braids in hair is of great life saver and concern to many, such as people on the run with school, work, and other activities that cause us to seek convenience in hair braiding.

Braided hair will last long if done properly. Great braiding is not enough if hair is not properly prepared. What good is a great style now if your about to lose your hair later?

Because of our many textures and scalp conditions the time varies for many of us. I would suggest that hair braids ideally be left in for only 2 weeks. But the truth is they can stay in for up to six month for hair that grows slow or is not to fine causing stray hair to come through.

When hair begins to twist a root area, take them out or they will lock. Our hair sheds and can make the process of detangling hair impossible. Just don't get upset when looking at the loose hair in the comb.Just be sure your applying proper hair care maintenance.

Hair naturally sheds everyday and will shed more if braids aren't moisturized at least every 3 days. This is also why when growing dreadlock they maintain a certain thickness. The shedding hair compliments and locks the dreads .

How To Prepare Hair Before Braiding

Before braiding, hair should be shampooed and conditioned. If dandruff is a problem, a treatment should be used first and during the time hair remains braided. (sulfur 8 in the blue jar).

If hair is excessively dry, an oil or deep moisturizing treatment is advised. Blow dry hair one section at a time.
  • Put leave in conditioner or blow dry lotion before adding heat.
  • Brush section and hold stretch out while blowing with hi warm to force out water.
  • Now use blow dryer with comb attachment or big vent brush to continue blowing section straight.
There is no need to get perfectly straight for braids.

FYI: If braiding with synthetic hair do not put oils in hair if burning tips until after the braids are done. However dipping synthetic hair ends in very hot water will relax the end and replace the need for burning ends. Hair can be put in large braids before dipping to make waves in hair. Cool before taking out.

Why Braid Styles Can't Stay In Too Long

  • Hair looking unkempt.
  • Lint and product build up.
  • Dried out hair .
  • Locked in braids.
  • Extreme Hair Shedding.

Take Braid Styles Out To Prevent Further Problem or Discomfort

  • Problem dandruff
  • Don't wrap hair.
  • Sweaty scalp from workouts or health .
  • Itchy scalp.
  • Too tight braids.
  • Too Loose Braids.
Dusty environments such as work can mean a dirty head of hair that must be taking a loose and redone. Cornrows can be left in about two weeks with your own hair if it is wrapped and protected every night.

Light moisturizing spray or leave in conditioner will lay stray strands down before wakening:) Individual braids can be left in longer (3-6 wks) and shampooed while in.But should never be allowed to twist at scalp .

FYI: Some add in extension hair to allow hairstyle to last longer.

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