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Dreadlock Shampoo Instructions - How To Shampoo and Maintain Healthy Dreadlocks

DreadsBeginning the dreadlock journey properly will guarantee you beautiful glorious locs. They may look carefree but if you want great dreadlocks you have to put in a lot of work during the first year.

You have to know how to maintain moisture to prevent breakage.Shampoo dreadlocks properly to avoid bad smells from product,smoke, or perspiration. Learning to secrets to care and style for your dreadlocks is a must to prevent breakage from dryness.

Keeping dreads fresh and clean is very important because of the thickness and moisture that can cause bacteria growth and infestation of mites if neglect. You can rinse your dreadlocks with apple cider vinegar,Listerine, or skin antiseptic after using dreadlock shampoo in shower to keep it fresh.

I particularly like the shampoo's by Dread Head Soap for straight or curly hair. This shampoo will strip all products that cause hair to detangle and actually cause the dreadlock to become tighter and firmer. Look over my other post about other dreadlock shampoo products.

How To Shampoo Dreadlocks

Shampooing your dreadlocks can take place in the shower if they are extremely long. You will need a few things however keep in mind that there are manufactorer that make wonderful shampoos just for dreadlocks.
  • 2 towels
  • deep cleansing shampoo
  • moisturizing shampoo
  • leave in conditioner
  • antiseptic (seabreeze)
  • Spray moisturizer

  • pomade for palm-rolling

Shampoo Dreadlocks Instructions.

If there is a dandruff issue, gently scratch scalp to loosen scaly skin from scalp. Use dandruff shampoo on scalp after completely saturating hair with water and let it sit for 5-10 minute to treat scalp
  1. Proceed to shampoo the dreadlocks with deep cleansing shampoo. You will be doing alot of squeezing and shampooing to thoroughly move shampoo thorough out the hair for 5-10 minutes. Depending on hair density.(thickness)
  2. Rinse well.
  3. Proceed to second shampoo with moisturising shampoo. Hair should really lather up this time and remove any left over dry skin, lint or, perspiration. While shampoo is in your hair pour in antiseptic and continue to shampoo. Let sit for 5-7 minutes to remove all odors and bacteria.
  4. Rinse well. I know this feels good but rinse :) If you like use more after rinse and leave in.
  5. Wrap hair with towels to absorb all moisture. Squeeze until all water is removed.
  6. Use spray bottle for leave in conditioner if liquid form. Rub leave in cream forms in with hands.
  7. Spray moisturizers onto hair to prevent excessive breakage and brittle hair.
  8. Palm roll with favorite wax or pomade.
TIP: I know this was quite a job, but well worth it . Your hair is sweet and your scalp is alive! Seabreeze antiseptic comes in different scents. I do prefer the original seabreeze without extra ingredients or antiseptic mouthwash. Store brand or Listerine will do. Not mouth rinse.

TIP: For shiny hair use apple cider vinegar or white vinegar as final rinse to remove all residue from hair. Rinse with cool water to close cuticle causing hair to shine.

Maintaining New Dreadlocks

  • Hair should be wrapped tight during showers and workouts.
  • Sleep in a satin scarf or wrap to keep dreadlocks neat and free from lint.
  • Lightly spray water free moisturizers and sheen on hair to maintain a shiny healthy hair.
  • Hair should not be shampooed for the first 3-4 weeks depending on the softness of the hair.This will allow freshly palm rolled roots to loc.
  • Scalp is cleaned with antiseptic. Wipe scalp to refresh and clean scalp.
  • Keep hair protected from lint by wrapping it at night.
  • Place longer hair in larger braids at night for a wavy look.
  • Spritz hair with antiseptic to freshen hair.
Tip: You can clean your dreadlocks with shampooing with baking soda/apple cider paste and rinsing with apple cider vinegar. You will get a deep clean and shiny hair.

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