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How To Temporarily Straighten Biracial and African American Kinky and Curly Hair

Elevate by Andis 80405 Professional Lightweight Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic 1875 Watts Hair DryerLearning how to take care of African American, biracial or curly hair doesn't have to be a difficult task, all you need is the right products and tools. This type of hair like many are not created the same. When dealing with biracial hair you will have to experiment until you find what is works best.

This hair can be frizzy, knotty and out of control and this is only because it is very much misunderstood. All hair is very beautiful in the right hands.

With proper care this royal crown will be the envy of many that can only dream of having a full head of healthy hair. Mistreating this hair unintentionally is troubling for years for many when very young.

For instance you would not put heavy products on fine hair, nor would you use an oily product for oily hair. But some don't even comb or brush this hair causing more hardship.
Gold N Hot Gh2257 Professional 1875 Watt Ionic Dryer with Tourmaline
Biracial hair has to be evaluated to make a good product decision. You will have to use knowledge such as African American hair will break if not moisturized.

Biracial hair comes in many textures and can be very unruly and damaged if proper growing haircare practices are not used.

How To Evaluate Biracial Hair?

  • Is hair thick or thin? Thick in mass or thin. If hair is thin you don't want to weight if down. If it is thick you want product that will keep hair in place.
  • Are the strands shiny wavy or straight? Shiny hair that is wavy or straight is a sign of hair follicles that lay down and may need heat to hold a curl.
  • Is the hair curly, or wiry?If the hair is wirey this can mean the follicles don't lay down causing this hair to become swelled and unmanageable. The same as curly or frizzy hair that is forced straight.
Oil based creams and pomades can aid in minimizing reversion of the hair.(drawing up from humidity)


Hair Products List For Bi Racial And African American Curly Hair:

  • Cream Moisturizer by Baby Love or Moisturizing Hair Lotion by ROOT Stimulator) (Use lotion with less oil on thinner finer hair.)
  • Smooth n Shine Polishing Lotion(Apply in hair when hair is almost dry and after blo-drying or air-drying. This will prevent frizz , add life and shine.)
  • Detangling Shampoo - Enough said.
  • Cream Rinse (This can be rinsed through hair after conditioning if hair is still tangled or snarled)
  • Bi-Monthly Trim (This will keep hair groomed and prevent breakage from running up the hair shaft preventing length, after all hair breaks quicker than it grows)
  • Bi-Weekly Conditioning (This maintains healthy hair and scalp.)
  • Ceramic Iron (Use after blow-drying is complete for smooth style.)
  • Sebastian Wet for Curly Styles or any hair glaze that works.(This product will allow curls to look good and in place all day)
  • Hair Diffuser Blow Dryer Attachment (To dry curly hair without disturbing style.)
  • Styling Mouse (This mouse will dry fast and comes in soft to firm hold)
  • Gold n Hot Blow or Yellow Bird Blow Dryer ( These blow-dryer are less expensive and will last as long as more expensive ones.)

Conair Pro Dual Professional Straightening PicSmoother Blow Dried Hair 

Factory Comb attachment will not last. A must when straightening extra curly hair. Blow extra dampness out first with moisturizer in hair and on medium heat. Only use higher heat when finishing up with Hot Six Oil or Fantasia IC straighteing serum To seal in shiney straighter hair.

Hair Care Tips

IMP-What You Must Know This About African American Biracial Hair Care To Grow Long Healthy Hair
  • Over conditioning will damage hair, condition hair 2 minutes with instant conditioner and 20 with cap with deep condition as instructed.
  • The important thing to remember is that when African American or Bi-Racial Curly hair is dry it can become unruly without the proper product.
  • To have smoother blown dry hair; finish blow drying with Hot Six Oil by Royale. Apply to hair that is 80 dry. Section hair into 4 sections and rub a little oil into palms and onto each section before blow drying. Use a flat paddle rubber brittle brush or blow dryer comb attachment.
  • Cream moisturizers add the needed moisture to hair an keep down the frizziest hair by conditioning the cuticles causing them to lay down better.
  • Dedicated to the beautiful people that adopt beautiful children.
  • All hair is beautiful, just misunderstood. 
You may not understand everything we talked about but you will,with time as you see a new head of hair transform in front of you.

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