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How To Start Dreadlocks On Short Kinky Hair-Start Dreads

Hairlocking: Everything You Need to Know : African, Dread and Nubian LocksHaving dreadlocks is a wonderful free expression of ones individuality. You can not make the decision to wear and grow dreadlocks unless you are fully committed. However many do and start from the very beginning...on short hair!

Only the fully committed are successful in achieving these beautiful locks. What to expect from new dreadlocks is uncomfortable and soon empowering for many.

Kinky hair is the absolute best and ideal hair to start dreadlocks on. This beautiful hair will hold the new dreadlocks with no problem at all. This hair will appear to be locked in a matter of days because of the natural tight curls pattern.

The newly twisted hair becomes more of a dread lock look the longer the hair stays twisted. It is when the hair stays in up to 4 months or more that the hair will further lock and begin looking more dread like. You will learn how to maintain your dreads better as you fill more comfortable with them.

If you have this hair type congratulations , you will now fully appreciate what you have.You can learn how to make luxurious and regal dreadlocks like the kings and queens before you. Your legacy of this kinky hair has been misplaced and misunderstood for hundreds of years because of our disconnect with our stolen knowledge of our birthright. We have been taught not to love our hair, skin, and feature. But the ancestor stayed with us and in us to rectify this.

We have the most versatile but unforgiving hair of them all. If we abuse our hair it will go. It must at all times be respected or we will be curse with short unflattering hair until we treat it with respect it was meant to have.

How To Make Dreadlocks On Short Hair

In The Beginning/Phase One of Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks will appear shorter in the beginning, so don't fret this is normal because of the tight curl pattern. However your natural hair will now be treated with more respect. I say this because while it can be difficult to comb daily if not provided with the needed daily moisturizers it can be pulled out and damage from what we put it through to straighten it out.

This hair is meant to grow in it's natural state and will continue to grow down your back when it is treated the way it was meant to be treated. In it's natural state with natural moisturizers to prevent breakage.
Shampooing and maintaining your dreadlocks on a regular basis will insure longer, healthier, stronger, and luscious dreadlocks. Well maintained dreadlocks will resist premature breakage from dryness.

Growing Out Dreadlocks Take Patience and Commitment

In the beginning phase, the dreadlocks are less appealing but a test to the journey. They may be to short , thin, or too many parts to feel comfortable to walk around with. Some people fail this test and remove the dreads. Again this is only for the committed.

The test can also mean going through a period of time where the dreadlocks will not start to lock at all. You must persevere and go through this test also. I promise, there are methods for everyone nowadays that can make this an easier process.

Dreadlocks Methods

Dreadlocks can be done on any type hair now-a days. There are methods for kinky hair,curly , straight hair, and short hair. It no longer matters the ethnic back ground. All cultures are growing wonderfully versatile dreadlocks.
Dreadlocks can be added with extension hair, or straight hair can be dreaded. There are so many techniques.
  • Palm Rolled - With hair over 2 inches.
  • Comb Twist- On hair under 2 inches.and tight curl pattern.
  • Comb twist and clip- On looser curl or less kinky hair, or touching up dreadlocks for neat appearance at base of dreadlocks.
  • Extension to add length to hair.
Bees Wax, Pomade, Gel and Moisturiser Blends
Dreadlocks that are started with natural kinky or really curly hair is normally twisted first to start the size and sections. Then palm rolled every two weeks with a wax or holding pomade to hold hair in place.

This twist may seem like curls on some hair or rat tail like on another. This depends on your hair type. What ever your look, be patient and you will be repaid with beautiful locks in the future. Remember it can take 5 to 12 months until you start to be more comfortable with the length and texture of your locks. This is normal.

Don't get discouraged in the beginning. This experience will be with you the rest of your life. Enjoy and embrace every process and phase. You will then finally be in touch with your hair and finally master it's upkeep and beauty.

How to start dreads on short kinky or curly hair
  1. Hair must be free of all chemicals to start new dreads, Hair should be conditioned before beginning.
  2. Hair is sectioned using a brick layered technique to prevent partings from being so obvious.
  3. Each section is parted with a metal barber or twist comb with the smaller teeth end if hair is short. Make sure all twist are done in the same direction close to the scalp. Use clips for tight look at root area if you wish.
  4. Palm roll each section if hair is longer than four inches unless you prefer the smoother spiral look with the comb
  5. A mixture of your favorite styling pomade or styling wax should be applied as each twist is formed.Product should be used that is easy to shampoo later.
  6. Securing each twist with a clip is necessary for a very neat and molded twist when finished. This will allow the hair to last longer when wrapping at night and neater to a more refined look before locking has started.
  7. Twist are placed in the direction it is to dry if the hair is shorter. Longer hair can be styled after the hair is dried.
  8. An extra hold spritz can be used for hair that needs a little extra help to hold it's shape throughout the time it takes to lock .
Dreadlocks Maintenance
  • Hair should be wrapped tight during showers and workouts.
  • Lightly spray water free moisturizers and sheen on hair to maintain a shiny healthy hair.
  • Hair should not be shampooed for the first 3-4 weeks depending on the softness of the hair.
  • Scalp under dreadlocks is cleaned and maintained with antiseptic. Wipe scalp to refresh and clean scalp.
  • Keep hair protected from lint by wrapping it at night.
  • Place longer dreadlocks in larger braids at night for a wavy look.

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