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How To Apply A Hair Relaxer On African American Hair

Applying a hair relaxer treatment is something I am always asked. I guess after 27 year in the field makes me an expert. I guess when you've done something so long you never retire.Review this expert haircare advice for proper haircare methods.

I was inspired to make this article because of the constant questions from woman doing their own hair at home. I hope this helps when your in a financial crunch and can't make it to the salon. Enjoy!

Working with chemicals should be left to professionals at all times. However, Ya gotta do what ya gotta do! God Bless! Be Safe! At the very least you should know how a relaxer is properly done to better understand how to have healthy hair.

Before choosing your relaxer product be sure to get one made with conditioner to treat the hair while straightening it out. No lye relaxers should be shampooed with decalcifying shampoo.There are too many conditioning relaxers out there to choose one that isn't.

Items Needed To Apply Hair Relaxer Treatment:
  • Tail comb for applying
  • Large comb for smoothing if tail comb is to uncomfortable
  • Towel
  • Plastic gloves/cap
  • Shampoos (neutralizer and moisturizing)
  • Conditioner
  • Relaxer
  • Hair Base
  • Confidence and Ambition
Prepare Hair for Relaxing
  • No shampooing for at least a week in advanced
  • No scratching the scalp
  • Base scalp with hair grease,base, or Vaseline type product (especially around hairline)
Apply Relaxer Steps
  1. Base scalp,hairline and top of ears.
  2. Put hair into 4 sections. Two on top and in back. Make part equally from ear to ear and down the middle.Start in back because body heat rises to top of head and processes quicker.
  3. Clamp the section not being worked on loosely if hair is too long. Do not irritate scalp.
  4. Start in back.(Not you, a friend that can see.) Body heat rises to the top causing top to get done fast.
  5. Apply to (not to thick)parted sections until section of new growth is covered. Do this until each section is done.
  • Now go back to first section applied (This should now be softer)and gently smooth hair with the back of comb. Move quickly to each section in the order applied.
  • After you completed the last section. Check the first section. It should lay down now when you rub away some of the relaxer with the back of the comb. If not smooth each section again. The hair should lay down now.
How Long Should Hair Relaxer Stay In?

The hair will lay down when you smooth the hair after application, however it is the chemical that is laying the hair down because it is now penetrating the hair shaft throught the cuticles.

Take a strand and remove the relaxer to see if the hair is still curly. If it is let relaxer stay a little longer. Hair will lay down once the relaxer is left on long enough, but not to long after the hair lays straight after test strand passes test.

Hair should still have elasticity to it. You can test this by stretching hair strand. It should not break when slightly stretched. If hair is lying down and still stretching it is time to come out.

As you can see this is why this job is for a professional. There is training that you do not have when relaxing your hair. Read this other hub for more understanding about how long a relaxer should stay in.

IMP:You do not want to over process your hair. This could cause damage for months to come.
Imp:Use Isoplus Oil Sheen in spots that are irritated. Wipe relaxer away with back of comb then spray.
Complete Relaxing Process Step-by-Step

  1. Rinse the relaxer with warm water medium to high pressure.
  2. Rinse hairline and back sections first.
  3. Rinse top two sections last
  4. Apply deep conditioner for 3-4 minute as a re-constructor.(trust me)
  5. Rinse again
  6. Shampoo with neutralizer shampoo twice (Concentrate on cleaning end of hair too)
  7. Shampoo with moisturizing shampoo once (rinse of course)
  8. Deep condition for 15 -20 minutes under plastic cap. Use medium heat or wrapped with warm towel.

IMP: I recommend a can of isoplus oil sheen for any stinging from relaxer.If an area begins to sting rub away relaxer from scalp and spray on isoplus. It will feel good and allow you to finish.

Watch This Video
Now that you have the basic instructions look at this video about 'How To Apply A Relaxer Treatment" video.

Using oil neosporin on chemical ouches work well.You can also dab on sea breeze antiseptic or Listerine(this will Sting) But is very beneficial to prevent any scabbing and will cool in a few seconds.
Congratulations You Did It!!

Product Pix (Inexpensive Quality products)

  • ion Effective Care Treatment a small packet is $2 at Sally's
  • Organic root stimulator shampoo is a very nice moisturising Shampoo.This is also a decalcifying and neutralizing shampoo which makes it excellent when using calcium relaxers.(No lyes relaxers)
  • Your relaxer should have it's own neutralizer. You can use another company's.However if you use Organic root stimulator shampoo it will do the job.
  • Profectv Mega Growth Lotion for upkeep. Rub a little in to blow dry with. Put more on after blow drying .
Suggested Products Needed For A Relaxer
Mizani Butter Blend Butter Base Scalp Protector Scalp ProtectorProfectiv Mega Growth Oil 8 oz.Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Creamy Aloe ShampooOrganic Root Stimulator Uplifting Shampoo 9 oz.ACE Curling & Teasing Hair Comb (Model: 62206)

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