Monday, April 11, 2011

Synthetic Lace Front Wig Review

If you are new to wearing Lace Front Wigs the best thing to do is experiment with synthetic wigs unless you have the money for human hair lace wigs and their upkeep. Maybe you just don't have the money any longer to purchase the more expensive lace front units.

What ever your reasons there are some awesome selections. I judge lace wigs for their options of realistic styles,fibers,colors and lace coverage for partings.
They may be the most bought wigs today. Knowing how to choose your wigs is half the battle finding the right style, how to have it installed,and what to install it with are the other parts.

Janet Collection Lace Wig Review

Janet Collection Front Lace Wig Michelle Color: 2Their wig is called full lace but it really isn't. The lace goes back about 3 1/2 inches for a longer part and from ear to ear.Hmmmmmmm! The colors of the lace wigs are very warm just like natural hair colors.

This collection does have a wig named MILLA that will allow you to feel more secure when the wind blows. Whole lace sometimes means lace just around the hairline area but hand tied in the center for more flexibility.

  • Great lace neckline for updo's.
  • Wide and deep lace front for longer parts.
  • Soft natural looking hair.
  • Re-curl with heat.

Freetress Lace Front Wig Review

Their hand tied wigs allow the movement of the hair to look natural., and the hairstyles are awesome if you don't need a deep part. The hair can be worn up but is not lace by the neck (nape) area.
  • Freetress Equal Synthetic Lace Front Wig - Jackie - 1Does not have the lace neckline but can be worn up.
  • Natural hair color
  • Natural lace color for multiple skin colors.
  • Re-curled and straighten with flat iron.
  • Hand tied to move naturally.
The firmer and harder lace that is a bother to some that are used to the softer lace on a human hair wigs. However the firmer lace has it's rewards. You are able to wear the wig with a better fit without having to apply tapes and glues. This will allow you to remove your hair at night and allow your wig to maintain the style longer.

Hair As A Gift Of Confidence

Hair does not make the person but it sure makes the person feel and look more confident. There are people that would otherwise feel insecure with their hair situation. Whether you don't know what to do with your hair, lost your hair from an illness or just want to have fun. There is something just right for you and the many reason you may need some hair help.
  • Hairloss
  • Mistake Hair Color
  • Bad Hair
  • Damaged Scalp
  • Damaged Hair
An awful head of hair can lead someone in a bad situation right into a depression. It may have happened to you. I have seen it people not even leave their homes because of a bad hair day. These inexpensive solutions can put a stop to all of this for as low as $35!

You can even treat someone that is sickly or experiencing hair-loss with an inexpensive gift of hair to bring up their spirits enough to face the world. If there is someone you now that can use some confidence getting back into the world from a job-loss or illness this is a way to give forward.

Now how is this for flexibility and options? Wearing synthetic hair is not bad unless it looks synthetic. Saving money doesn't mean sacrificing your style and image. You never know who is fabulously faux with their Synthetic Lace Wig. Next time it just might be you!

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How To Repair/Fix Broken Damaged Dreadlocks- 3 Easy Steps To Fix Broken Dreads

Broken dreadlocks can be embarrassing and scary. Learning how to repair damaged dreadlocks are not as hard at you may think. Please relax, broken damaged dreadlocks happens to the best of us.

This is one of the reasons we should pay a professional loctician to condition and touch up your dreads at least once a month or al least learn from online dreadlock instructional resources and please pick up a hair care guide to teach you how to maintain healthy hair.

Reasons Dreadlocks Become Damaged And Break

  • Too thin
  • Too much stress
  • Not properly rinsed/shampooed.
  • Dry and brittle
  • No protection from extensive weather.
You want to avoid your dreadlocks from becoming dry and brittle by spraying moisturizers and using moisturizing treatments to your hair and scalp. Dry hair Breaks!

Protect hair when sleeping by placing tying or covering the locs up when sleeping. Satin is the preferred fabric. You can put a soft t shirt over your head , then flip it over your dreadlocks for protection.
 A satin pillow case is great to use also.Hidden Zipper Satin Pillowcase, Standard
This will prevent your dreads from being stressed from pulling, rubbing and accumulating lint. The more you protect and moisturize your dreadlocks the less mishaps you will have.

If you have thin dreadlocks and some have joined together to form thicker ones forming a forked dread, you may have to cut one of the joined dreads to replace a lost dread lock. But if you still have the dread that broke you will reconnect that one!

Fix Broken Dreadlocks In 3 Easy Steps

  1. Match the hair with weaving thread Place the two dreadlocks together so that an inch is side by side.
  2. Sew the dreadlocks together as if your life depended on it. Use stitch that involves the needle going between formed circle of thread with each stitch. 5 times should be sufficient. Cut Thread close to dreadlock.
  3. Palm roll the dreadlocks with product to lay stray hair over matching thread.
Ta Daaa! No worries, enjoy your dreads!

How To Fix Broken Dreadlocks With Crochet Method

How To Have Beautiful Healthier and Longer African American Hair

African American have been experiencing hair loss from shedding, breakage, and thinning as long as we can remember.Stopping adverse effect to our hair will cause African Americans to grow longer hair.
Our hair mostly grows in a spiral shape that is constantly manipulated to the extreme changes we demand and desire.

Grow Longer Healthier African American Hair

Many hairstylist are only interested in adding hair and a treatment while in the salon, but at home we need to be armed with good information to keep our hair on our heads.
After all our stylist is not the one maintaining our hair every day.I highly recommend you get this ebook called How To Grow African American Long Hair Longer for instructions and solutions you can begin now.

Extra Steps To Prevent Hair Loss And Grow Longer Hair

  • Rubbing on our clothe car seats.
  • Sleeping without wrapping it.
  • Not moisturizing when dry.
  • Not eating enough good foods.
  • Hair Suppliments
fyi:Hairs normal shedding rate is approximately 75-100 strands a day , so don't be afraid when taking out braids or weave and you know that you applied regular hair maintenance.

Our hair is put under extreme heat from curling irons,stress from braiding ,twist and weave. Excessive dryness from improper moisture balance from styles worn to long without proper maintenance.Not to mention the chemicals we process it with.

When hair grows in its natural state or with a high level of moisturizers it is capable of growing down our backs. Such examples would be Dreadlocks and Geri Curls(Now Dry Curls).
Without the proper maintenance the ends of the hair will run like stocking up the hair shaft.The strands of hair will shed from dryness making it impossible to experience great hair.

Versatile African American Hair
Having the advantage of having many hair styles is not the problem. We have been creative with our hair for centuries. However our ancestors used natural products we were not able to learn about because of the past dark history of slavery.

From our ancestors to the present we have been blessed with many talented exceptional people that have come up with the most amazing techniques and products for our hair.

Because of this we have become neglectful about the health of the new hair growth. If our hair does not look good we throw in some gel,braids,weave or a wig. We look fabulous and our hair is still damaged underneath.

I have seen this all of my life. Because of my career as a hairstylist for years and working behind the scenes of fashion shows and photo shoots.

However taking care of our special hair requires skills and the working women and their children need to do what's fast and looks good.

I do understand the need for a doo that last. But our hair need to last too then we would have hair that does not have to be weaved.

How Braiding, Dreadlocks and Weave Can Cause Hair Loss
The major cause of excessive hair shedding when taking out certain African American hairstyles can be because of three things.
  1. Hair and scalp is not regularly added or sprayed with moisturizer to maintain life in the scalp and hair .
  2. Hair are too tight pulling it from the scalp.
  3. Both!
This can cause alopecia (baldness)in some areas because of the pulling. Also a scalp that is dried out and not conditioned and moisturized will have excessive breakage.Especially if that hair has a chemical in it.

fyi: Hair that is not cleaned properly will also calls shedding especially if the other situations occur. Spray or wipe scalp with sea breeze if you can shampoo certain styles.

*If you have a style you can not shampoo , such as a quick weave. Leave it in only 2 weeks. Be sure the hair has been treated and has a leave in conditioner before applying.
In short...dry neglected hair breaks!

How African Americans Can Grow Beautiful Longer Hair

Hair loss treatment products for Curly/Kinky/Frizzy Hair
There are so many products out there for maintaining African American hair and I still see women , men, and children walking around with a dried up head of hair.

Get a bottle of "Olive Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion "or "Hot Six oil" choose one and give it to your daughter to use before going to school.

Rub some in your hair before going to bed or going to work. Put some in your toddlers hair. but start moisturizing everyday or every other day.

Our hair will become stronger and have less breakage if we use the products we have at our disposal. I know that these product cause money .

But even if you go to Walmart or the dollar store. Use something , there are so many options.

Curly Kinky and Dry Hair- How To Repair it?
In order for African American hair to grow healthy and strong we must first begin to moisturize. This means
going under a cap with a hot towel wrap around your head with an oil treatment or moisturizing conditioner every two weeks without fail.

As a rule you can have a protein treatment for strength every six weeks. Protein treatments too close together can make your hair brittle and hair. However there are some that have built in moisturizes now.

That is why hair that has weekly black ampro gel in it breaks. You know who you are! Be Careful with that gel. Add in a leave in moisturizer if you must use it.

Trim Those Ends To Prevent Hair From Splitting Up The Hair Shaft
If your hair has excessive breakage you have to bite the bullet and start over. That is what weaves and braids and cute cuts are for. But always put moisturizer in scalp and spray hair daily or every other day to maintain moisture and healthy scalp.

Don't forget our curly/kinky African American hair is naturally dry. If you want to grow longer healthier hair this is a must!

Hair must be trimmed with every touch up or at least every 6-8 weeks. After the first cut to get rid of the damaged hair all you will need is a light trim to maintain it's groomed shape. You will be very impressed if you keep this up.

Grow Longer Hair By Properly Shampooing Hair To Prevent Breakage

Use a deep cleaning shampoo to remove any and all product from your hair.Optimum has one called "Oil Therapy that cleans really well.(Veeery Well) I will use that only when I have excessive product in my hair.( Do not use in hair with weave, Trust me:)

But finish with a moisturizing shampoo like 'Olive Oil Creamy Shampoo too avoid snarls and tangles or cream rinse. The ends of your hair are very porous and will hold on to product and later break.This is why a good deep cleaning shampoo and rinsing is needed.

There are many wonderful products out their now. But if we don't know what to do with them ,what does it matter?
Get more moisturizing tip from and check out the step by step videos on curly/kinky dry hair and how to repair it.