Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How To Find A Good Hairstylist In 3 Steps And 10 Traits Of A Good Hairdresser

There are a few Way To Find A Good Hair Stylist even if you don't first have a strategy plan. Most of us have experience the wrong stylist. Some of us take shots in the dark and pick one from online or from the salon decor. 

The right stylist, For the right job.

Some of our needs are of a delicate nature. Some of us enjoy hair weaves, relaxers, dreads, or braid extensions. These styles need to be done by people that do them as a trade not a hobby. In the wrong hands these procedures can be devastating! Read on to find a better way to finding a great hairstylist.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How To Install A Lace Front Human or Synthetic Hair Wig

Wigs have never been so natural looking before, the lace front wigs have taken wig wearer to another level. We have to practically be professionals just to maintain them.

We can no longer go to someone to assist us in applying our lace front wigs without being properly educated first. When you have knowledge you don't have to worry about costly mistakes later such as damaged lace wig, scalp irritation or hairline thinning .

Full Lace Wigs

Full lace wigs allow you to have parts anywhere on your head. Your hair can swing and show parting like a natural head of hair. You will be able to wear your hair in two ponytails you wanted.

Parts can be anywhere the lace is.The center of the lace front is much like a wig. Partings can be aligned with braid parts or camoflaged with a skin toned cape underneath.

Let's Install Your Lace Wig

I know this may seem intimidating to hear that you can install your own wig, but you can. Just take your time and follow directions. If you are just too nervous grab a friend to help.You may want to try with a synthetic lace wig first that runs about $35 up.
Supplies you will need to apply  your lace front wig.

  • stocking cap
  • scalp Protector (protection between your skin and adhesive?
  • adhesive (glue and tape)
  • Invisi Bond Waterproof Lace Wig Hair Adhesive Glue 4ozsmall paint type brush
  • scissors
  • ponytail clips
  • large rat tail comb
Step By Step Installation Instructions For A Lace Front Wig
  1. Your hair should be wrapped in a circular position or braided before apply stocking cap. Although a stocking cap is not necessary.Your hairline should be cleaned with an oil free soap or alcohol.
  2. Try on your wig with lace still intact to see how it fits and where your front should be. Cut the lace off without cutting wig hair to match your natural hairline. Pull wig hair in ponytails to keep hair out of the way of scissors and adhesive.
  3. Now that you know where to place your wig, remove it and cut lace off close to hair.
  4. Add skin protector to hairline and perimeter of lace wig. This will protect skin and make lace wig cleanup later a breeze. The scalp protector must dry thoroughly before appling adhesive to hairline with small brush.
  5. If you are very hairy you may want to remove hair from you nape and frontal area or make parting to separate your perimeter hair before apply glue and wig.
  6. Apply adhesive with small applicator brush around your hairline front and back if you will not be using wig combs to attach in back. Once dry apply again. Let this sit until glue becomes tacky to the touch.You can use a cool blowdryer to speed up the process.
  7. Apply wig from back to front. Place wig gently in place just in front of your hairline. Press with comb to stabilize your lace wig.Once the front of the wig is matched with your hairline the more natural it will look.
You now know how to install a lace front and lace full wig. You can do this for yourself or others with confidence. All you need to do is take your time and read over information as many times as you like to become more comfortable.  Read How To Remove Your Lace Front Wig and  How To Remove Adhesive and Glue From Your Lace Front Wig .

 Visit http://haircarewithmrs.weebly.com/   for more lace wig information.