Monday, November 8, 2010

Hair Care Tips For Curling Synthetic Braided Hair Styles

If you are wearing a synthetic braided hairstyle that was once beautifully wavy no worries you can re-curl this crazy hair.

Can My Hair Fiber Be Re-Curled?

It is best to test the hair by doing this simple test:

  1. dip fiber it into boiling water. It should straighten right out. 
  2. Now wrap the same strands of fiber onto a plastic roller or put into a single braid and 
  3. redip into boiling water. 
  4. Spray or dip into cold water and unbraid or un-curl fiber. Did you get a wave or curl pattern?

WARNING: Don't do this alone if you don't have to . (Working with boiling water is dangerous and should be treated with caution.)

What type of curl or wave you want...

There are different methods for re-curling your synthetic braiding hair that may be attractive to you. Braiding vs Perm Rods

Loose Wavy Style: If you have individual braids you can put 4 big braids into your hair to give it a wavy look after dipping it into the water.

Tight Curly Wave: Remember the more braids you put in your hair the smaller the waves and the more curly the hair looks. You can also use sponge  rods to get your desired size wave pattern.

Spiral Curls- Wavy and spiral curls can be achieved with sponge perm rods with the metal bendable core inside. They come in various sizes to give you multiple choices.

Now before you go running to get those fabulous curls in your hair, I want to reiterate that you are working with boiling water. Warm and hot water will not allow curls to last or look firm and you must have dry towels and cold wet towels to assist you.

 After carefully dipping your hair you must dip it in cold water to firm the curl or you can use a cold wet towel. Never touch the hair when dipping. Use tongs and drapes to protect your client and your hands. Lean if necessary to avoid the steam from burning any exposed skin on face or scalp. Curling synthetic  hair is a slow process but, worth it.

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