Saturday, September 11, 2010

How To Switch From A Relaxer To An S Curl Or Permanent Wave (Wave Nouveau)

Here is a message I wanted to use to let other know about how careful they have to be when switching from a hair relaxer to another chemical. I will leave her name out, however my response to her is in the brackets.

Switching From Relaxer To S Curl

Hair Relaxer Questions From Concerned Woman

Her- My hair is really dry and damaged from weaves and extension and Im thinking about giving my hair a break.

Me- Hair doesn't damage from weave and extensions only improper maintenance. Hair must still be moisturized cleansed and conditioned.

Her- for about 2 months A hairstylist in my area recommended that I cut my hair because of the a month of damage I declined because I would like a S curl so my question is can I put a S curl on my hair a month after a relaxer?"

Me- An S Curl will wave the new growth, however hair that was prevously relaxex may be too straight and have to be cut. You may have to allow your hair to grow out more to be comfortable with your new style.

In the mean time you can treat your damaged hair before shampooing and keep straight by pressing hair with a ceramic iron. This way you can get away with a good trim for now.

By the way, Root Stimulants Olive Oil Moisturizer is a great maintenance product.Your hair will be much stronger and prepared before switching to the s curl.

Switching From Relaxer To Permanent Wave

The chemicals in a relaxers (different types of hydroxide) in incompatible with permanent waves (some form of thioglycolate). Together they will cause hair breakage. You must have proper amount of new growth to be able to set hair with rods.

Remember, the hair that was previously relaxed will not curl through this process. It will break. Be prepared to cut all relaxed hair for a perfect finished product. Not doing so will not be visually appealing.

Hair Advice

I hope this has answered questions about changing chemicals in hair. You must look at the ingredients to see what the active ingredients are. If they are different do not mix. Some texturizers may have the same active chemical as a relaxer.

You must make sure before you make the decision. If anyone can remember when the jeri curl came out . Most had to start with a short cut first. This is because of the two incompatible chemicals. The relaxed hair was cut off because it would not curl with the rest of the hair . I would have also fallen out because of the damage of mixing the two chemicals.

Imp:The active ingredients in relaxers can not (press play repeat) can not be combined with a permanent wave of any sort.

Be safe and always consult a hair care professional for hair advice before doing a chemical. The companies are also very good at giving all warnings in the instructions.