Sunday, July 11, 2010

How To Understand Beautiful Kinky African American Hair - African American Hair Explained

Being in the hair field for over 30 years I have come across so many that were out of love with their hair. I educated and happily taught many how special our hair is and how strong it is in it's natural state and how strong and long it will become with proper haircare for african american hair.

What many have been calling kinky is actually spirals . This is why hair that is twisted or palm-rolled is shiny and moves gracefully. Spiral shaped hair is crazy if combed apart, but when spiraled together it is fabulous.
This spiral shape allows us to wear any imaginable hairstyle.
Many have been taught that African American hair was not beautiful but it is just misunderstood. Learning to care for your natural hair is a must to prevent breakage from dryness. Our ancestors did not have access to tools for proper maintenance for our hair and skin. But today we have many.

We have gotten the wrong impression about our hair from people that loved us such as parents, grandparents and others that have been taught to dislike their self image a long time ago.We've come along way baby and so have our elders.

We have so many wonderful historical ancestors that fought to be equal and excepted. Now it is time to except ourselves. Love your full lips and full royal nose, embrace your wonderful body full of the same distinctions the tribe you are originally from past on to you. And what can I say about our beautiful skin.
From the darkest silkiest chocolate to the creamiest white chocolate.

Our struggles and heritage makes us a very unique inside and out. Our looks show the world about the stories we have not even begun to tell. But my full lips, hair or/ and thighs let me know that home is still inside of me. You are who you answer to not what people call you.That goes for all people.

I chose to be called God's Child. He makes no mistakes.We are all loved and can feel the love. But only if we give it.

Love your Hair especially if its beautifully nappy, That alone let's you now that you deserve extra pampering. Be gentle with your hair to relax an connect with your real self. Massage and smooth the lather all around your scalp to show how you love yourself while moisturizing each delicate strand that was passed on to you from ancestors that had to cut it off just to protect themselves.

Stroke and brush your hair to untangle but in memory of the others that were unable too. Our hair is just a reminder of the difficulties of the past.We now have the knowledge and ability to smooth and calm this unique hair that demands the best treatment.

We have been innovative all of our lives we can do things to hair that are making the hair industries billions. Why we aren't capitalizing the way we should baffles me to this day. But it is still coming....

The Truth About African American Natural Kinky Hair

African American kinky hair is the most delicate hair in the world . It will absolutely fall out , break up , fade, and turn brittle just for the smallest measure of neglect such as not putting in moisturizers in most cases daily.

Other cultures hair produces natural oils on a daily basis causing them to have to shampoo daily. This natural oil also attract debris from the air causing hair to smell and become greasy looking and unclean really fast.

However most African American hair takes a week or two to make the necessary oils to prevent breakage causing most kinky hair to break quickly and appearing not to grow at all.This hair must be treated very special to accomplish the long length possible for your particular hair.

How To Grow My Kinky Hair

  • Trim every 6-8 weeks.
  • Shampoo every 1-2 weeks in most cases.More often will not allow scalp to make natural oils and will strip the hair.
  • Moisturizer on scalp every other day.Place 1/2 inch apart. Massage to make sure total scalp is covered but not to much to clog pores.
  • Condition hair under dryer or plastic cap wrapped in towel for 15-30 minute twice a month so that all layers in each strand of hair is hydrated and moisturised.
  • Wrap hair or sleep only on satin to prevent other fabrics from drying out your hair.

FYI on Kinky Hair

You will also see how kinky nappy hair shrinks and stretches how incredible! No other hair in the world is like this hair! It's beautiful when you understand it and learn to work with it in it's natural state. When left natural an properly cared for this hair will grow down your back!