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How To Apply A Hair Relaxer On African American Hair

Applying a hair relaxer treatment is something I am always asked. I guess after 27 year in the field makes me an expert. I guess when you've done something so long you never retire.Review this expert haircare advice for proper haircare methods.

I was inspired to make this article because of the constant questions from woman doing their own hair at home. I hope this helps when your in a financial crunch and can't make it to the salon. Enjoy!

Working with chemicals should be left to professionals at all times. However, Ya gotta do what ya gotta do! God Bless! Be Safe! At the very least you should know how a relaxer is properly done to better understand how to have healthy hair.

Before choosing your relaxer product be sure to get one made with conditioner to treat the hair while straightening it out. No lye relaxers should be shampooed with decalcifying shampoo.There are too many conditioning relaxers out there to choose one that isn't.

Items Needed To Apply Hair Relaxer Treatment:
  • Tail comb for applying
  • Large comb for smoothing if tail comb is to uncomfortable
  • Towel
  • Plastic gloves/cap
  • Shampoos (neutralizer and moisturizing)
  • Conditioner
  • Relaxer
  • Hair Base
  • Confidence and Ambition
Prepare Hair for Relaxing
  • No shampooing for at least a week in advanced
  • No scratching the scalp
  • Base scalp with hair grease,base, or Vaseline type product (especially around hairline)
Apply Relaxer Steps
  1. Base scalp,hairline and top of ears.
  2. Put hair into 4 sections. Two on top and in back. Make part equally from ear to ear and down the middle.Start in back because body heat rises to top of head and processes quicker.
  3. Clamp the section not being worked on loosely if hair is too long. Do not irritate scalp.
  4. Start in back.(Not you, a friend that can see.) Body heat rises to the top causing top to get done fast.
  5. Apply to (not to thick)parted sections until section of new growth is covered. Do this until each section is done.
  • Now go back to first section applied (This should now be softer)and gently smooth hair with the back of comb. Move quickly to each section in the order applied.
  • After you completed the last section. Check the first section. It should lay down now when you rub away some of the relaxer with the back of the comb. If not smooth each section again. The hair should lay down now.
How Long Should Hair Relaxer Stay In?

The hair will lay down when you smooth the hair after application, however it is the chemical that is laying the hair down because it is now penetrating the hair shaft throught the cuticles.

Take a strand and remove the relaxer to see if the hair is still curly. If it is let relaxer stay a little longer. Hair will lay down once the relaxer is left on long enough, but not to long after the hair lays straight after test strand passes test.

Hair should still have elasticity to it. You can test this by stretching hair strand. It should not break when slightly stretched. If hair is lying down and still stretching it is time to come out.

As you can see this is why this job is for a professional. There is training that you do not have when relaxing your hair. Read this other hub for more understanding about how long a relaxer should stay in.

IMP:You do not want to over process your hair. This could cause damage for months to come.
Imp:Use Isoplus Oil Sheen in spots that are irritated. Wipe relaxer away with back of comb then spray.
Complete Relaxing Process Step-by-Step

  1. Rinse the relaxer with warm water medium to high pressure.
  2. Rinse hairline and back sections first.
  3. Rinse top two sections last
  4. Apply deep conditioner for 3-4 minute as a re-constructor.(trust me)
  5. Rinse again
  6. Shampoo with neutralizer shampoo twice (Concentrate on cleaning end of hair too)
  7. Shampoo with moisturizing shampoo once (rinse of course)
  8. Deep condition for 15 -20 minutes under plastic cap. Use medium heat or wrapped with warm towel.

IMP: I recommend a can of isoplus oil sheen for any stinging from relaxer.If an area begins to sting rub away relaxer from scalp and spray on isoplus. It will feel good and allow you to finish.

Watch This Video
Now that you have the basic instructions look at this video about 'How To Apply A Relaxer Treatment" video.

Using oil neosporin on chemical ouches work well.You can also dab on sea breeze antiseptic or Listerine(this will Sting) But is very beneficial to prevent any scabbing and will cool in a few seconds.
Congratulations You Did It!!

Product Pix (Inexpensive Quality products)

  • ion Effective Care Treatment a small packet is $2 at Sally's
  • Organic root stimulator shampoo is a very nice moisturising Shampoo.This is also a decalcifying and neutralizing shampoo which makes it excellent when using calcium relaxers.(No lyes relaxers)
  • Your relaxer should have it's own neutralizer. You can use another company's.However if you use Organic root stimulator shampoo it will do the job.
  • Profectv Mega Growth Lotion for upkeep. Rub a little in to blow dry with. Put more on after blow drying .
Suggested Products Needed For A Relaxer
Mizani Butter Blend Butter Base Scalp Protector Scalp ProtectorProfectiv Mega Growth Oil 8 oz.Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Creamy Aloe ShampooOrganic Root Stimulator Uplifting Shampoo 9 oz.ACE Curling & Teasing Hair Comb (Model: 62206)

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How To Temporarily Straighten Biracial and African American Kinky and Curly Hair

Elevate by Andis 80405 Professional Lightweight Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic 1875 Watts Hair DryerLearning how to take care of African American, biracial or curly hair doesn't have to be a difficult task, all you need is the right products and tools. This type of hair like many are not created the same. When dealing with biracial hair you will have to experiment until you find what is works best.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

How to Make Dreads On Straight Or Relaxed Hair-Dreadlocks On Straight Hair-Dread Styles

Having relaxed hair and wanting to know How To Start Dreads do not mean cutting you hair if you know how to lock straight hair. There are other races besides African American that get their hair dreaded.

Starting dreads on kinky hair is easier in some perspectives but the dreadlocks on straight hair can be shampooed more often depending of the locking method used.

The same process to cause straight hair to lock is the same as locking relaxed hair. The difference is the lack of moisture to keep the relaxed hair from becoming damaged.

But no worries, the lock method used will not allow the hair to unravel while spraying moisturizer and leave in conditioners to keep the relaxed hair healthy.

Without using locking methods that include backcombing and crochet needles the hair can unravel. These are the only methods that I know of to lock straight, wavy hair or other wise hard to lock hair that will allow you to shampoo and moisturize hair when ever you want without unraveling.

How To Maintain Dreads On Straight Hair

Now that your have dreads on your straight hair doesn't mean the job is over. Oh no, these lovely dreads have to be babied and worshipped like Gomez worships Mortisha!

What Shampoo Do I Use On Dreads On Straight Hair?

Knotty Boy Liquid Dread Shampoo 16 ozThe best shampoo to use on hair that isn't naturally kinky or with a tight spiral form should be one without a detangling residue.

A deep cleansing clear shampoo that is normally used to remove extra oils are the best shampoo to remove all traces of product and cause hair to lock even better.

There is a shampoo called Dread Head Shampoo that is free of all fragrances and other added chemicals that can prevent dreads from locking to their greatest potential.

You can use extra thirty towels to absorb water and use blow dryer to help hair dry faster. Dry hair naturally will taker forever!

How To Retwist New Growth On Straight Dreads

Dread Head HQ Dread-Licious Dread Scent Orange Xpli-Citrus Flavor
You can backcomb and/or twist the hair then use crotchet needle in a fast downward in and out movement to lock hair and pull in stray hairs. You can also buy loose human hair or synthetic hair in 5 inch sections to thicken dreadlocks and aid to locking. This will take practice but will be worth the effort.

                                         Scented Hair Spray for Dreads>>>

Rolled Ends

The tips have to be rolled around one tip at a time into the palm of your hand then palmrolled and rolled again. You can use a little bees wax or dread product.
This process is done until you are worn out and you can see the balled shape forming at the bottom, If the straight tips are a problem. Get a friend to help.

Palm Rolled Dreads

Palm rolling your dreads and backcombing will assure that your dreads stay nice and neat. Rubbing your two palms up and down your dreads with a pea size of wax or so will help lay the stray hair down.

If there are many stray hairs you can twist the hair and use the crotchet needle to control these out of control hair on the ends.

You will be a pro in a short while, but practice makes perfect! Enjoy your dreads on straight or relaxed hair!

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Hair Care Tips For Curling Synthetic Braided Hair Styles

If you are wearing a synthetic braided hairstyle that was once beautifully wavy no worries you can re-curl this crazy hair.

Can My Hair Fiber Be Re-Curled?

It is best to test the hair by doing this simple test:

  1. dip fiber it into boiling water. It should straighten right out. 
  2. Now wrap the same strands of fiber onto a plastic roller or put into a single braid and 
  3. redip into boiling water. 
  4. Spray or dip into cold water and unbraid or un-curl fiber. Did you get a wave or curl pattern?

WARNING: Don't do this alone if you don't have to . (Working with boiling water is dangerous and should be treated with caution.)

What type of curl or wave you want...

There are different methods for re-curling your synthetic braiding hair that may be attractive to you. Braiding vs Perm Rods

Loose Wavy Style: If you have individual braids you can put 4 big braids into your hair to give it a wavy look after dipping it into the water.

Tight Curly Wave: Remember the more braids you put in your hair the smaller the waves and the more curly the hair looks. You can also use sponge  rods to get your desired size wave pattern.

Spiral Curls- Wavy and spiral curls can be achieved with sponge perm rods with the metal bendable core inside. They come in various sizes to give you multiple choices.

Now before you go running to get those fabulous curls in your hair, I want to reiterate that you are working with boiling water. Warm and hot water will not allow curls to last or look firm and you must have dry towels and cold wet towels to assist you.

 After carefully dipping your hair you must dip it in cold water to firm the curl or you can use a cold wet towel. Never touch the hair when dipping. Use tongs and drapes to protect your client and your hands. Lean if necessary to avoid the steam from burning any exposed skin on face or scalp. Curling synthetic  hair is a slow process but, worth it.

Sunber hair Pack of 30 Hair Curling Flexi Rods Magic Air Hair Roller Curler Bendy Hair Sticks Random Colors

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How To Maintain African American Hair And Avoid Mistakes That Cause Hair Loss

Firstly I'd like to say that regardless of our many textures, African American hair is the most misunderstood and delicate hair. We have also come a long way since Madame CJ Walker.

If the hair is thick and course, we pull it, rake haphazardly through it, sew hair on it ,put glue in it and put searing heat through it with out an ounce of preventive measure to keep it safe.

If it's soft and naturally manageable we put globs of product on it and do not shampoo often enough and clog the pores causing thinner hair.

Train Our Children Proper Hair Maintenance

Not to mention our children are left to fend for themselves through school without the proper guidance with hair straighteners and styling aids. I've seen our children out to school with heads of hair so dry you can light it with a match. And so short from neglect they are force to wear hair pieces at the age of even six or seven years old.

The ones with naturally long hair still don't know how long their hair can really get because it is punished for being too long or too thick and is not shampooed or maintained often enough promising breakage and hair loss in the future.

If we want to have hair we have to learn and teach our children while they are young (by example) to keep our hair clean and always moisturized. And never put anything in our hair unless our hair is healthy enough to handle it.

It's not your fault , we are not taught these things in school. Well I was and many years of working and loving African American hair. So I gladly want to share and educate for the future growth of our hair!

I have to come strong so that you will remember most of what I am saying. This must be passed down to our children for their children. I also wrote "Pain Free Styling for African American Hair" that might be very useful.

Don't Make These Mistake With African American Hair

  • Don't put curling irons in hair that is not clean. Touching up hair only up to 3 days after shampoo.
  • Don't rip and pull hair through tangled dry hair without care.De tangle hair with wide tooth comb in sections. Spray detangler in to loosen it up.
  • Don't allow hair to dry out. Apply oil or moisturizer in scalp, hair, and ends at least every other day. The amount depends on how long the hair is. Hair should not be weighted down.
  • Don't let damaged end tear up hair shaft. Trim ends at least every two months. The ends are the oldest and driest part of your hair. Especially if neglected.
  • Don't forget to shampoo and rinse ends longer. They are more absorbent and holds in more depri and product.
  • Don't sleep or lay on drying fabrics without wrapping hair. Fabrics will further dry hair.
  • Don't put weaves and braids in hair without proper conditioning. If hair is damaged it should be treated first and left with a leave in conditioning.
  • Don't neglect to add oil/moisture to hair while weaved, extensions,braided, or dreaded. Dry hair will break. You will lose much more when it's time to remove hair.Hair will be further damaged.
  • Don't use pressing combs if when hot turns white tissue brown. It will burn hair and it will soon break. Use ceramic irons for more controlled heat on natural hair.Children like this better and it last longer.
  • Don't over condition hair. The conditioner will soon destroy and dissolve your natural oils leaving hair brittle when dry, if left on longer than instructed by manufactures. Especially instant conditioners.
FYI: Back of fabric car seat. Satin bonnet can be placed on car seat headrest. You can use satin pillow cases.

I promise, if you follow these simple tips you will see longer healthier and stronger hair with in 2 months.

African American Hair Care Tips:

  • Shampoo with moisturizing and deep cleansing shampoos.
  • Deep condition hair with medium heat every 2 weeks for no more than 20 minutes.
  • For dry hair give oil treatment twice a month.
  • Apply moisturizers to hair , edges, and ends every other day. In some cases daily. Massage to distribute, too much will clog pores causing thinning hair.
  • Trim ends with every touch up relaxer or every 6-8 weeks.
  • Apply protective lotion before blow drying, flat irons, and curling.
  • Wrap hair during sleeping.

Please visit Final Touch Hair Care for more African American hair care tips and pick up this guide book to grow long healthy hair!

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How To Switch From A Relaxer To An S Curl Or Permanent Wave (Wave Nouveau)

Here is a message I wanted to use to let other know about how careful they have to be when switching from a hair relaxer to another chemical. I will leave her name out, however my response to her is in the brackets.

Switching From Relaxer To S Curl

Hair Relaxer Questions From Concerned Woman

Her- My hair is really dry and damaged from weaves and extension and Im thinking about giving my hair a break.

Me- Hair doesn't damage from weave and extensions only improper maintenance. Hair must still be moisturized cleansed and conditioned.

Her- for about 2 months A hairstylist in my area recommended that I cut my hair because of the a month of damage I declined because I would like a S curl so my question is can I put a S curl on my hair a month after a relaxer?"

Me- An S Curl will wave the new growth, however hair that was prevously relaxex may be too straight and have to be cut. You may have to allow your hair to grow out more to be comfortable with your new style.

In the mean time you can treat your damaged hair before shampooing and keep straight by pressing hair with a ceramic iron. This way you can get away with a good trim for now.

By the way, Root Stimulants Olive Oil Moisturizer is a great maintenance product.Your hair will be much stronger and prepared before switching to the s curl.

Switching From Relaxer To Permanent Wave

The chemicals in a relaxers (different types of hydroxide) in incompatible with permanent waves (some form of thioglycolate). Together they will cause hair breakage. You must have proper amount of new growth to be able to set hair with rods.

Remember, the hair that was previously relaxed will not curl through this process. It will break. Be prepared to cut all relaxed hair for a perfect finished product. Not doing so will not be visually appealing.

Hair Advice

I hope this has answered questions about changing chemicals in hair. You must look at the ingredients to see what the active ingredients are. If they are different do not mix. Some texturizers may have the same active chemical as a relaxer.

You must make sure before you make the decision. If anyone can remember when the jeri curl came out . Most had to start with a short cut first. This is because of the two incompatible chemicals. The relaxed hair was cut off because it would not curl with the rest of the hair . I would have also fallen out because of the damage of mixing the two chemicals.

Imp:The active ingredients in relaxers can not (press play repeat) can not be combined with a permanent wave of any sort.

Be safe and always consult a hair care professional for hair advice before doing a chemical. The companies are also very good at giving all warnings in the instructions.

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How Many Types Of Permanent Waves Are There? Whats Is A Hair Perm

What Is A Perm?

A perm is also known as a permanent wave. This term is also misused when referring to a hair relaxer that permanently straightens your hair. Easy to see how this mistake happened. However the chemical process in nothing alike.

A perm (permanent wave) is a chemical process used to give your hair a curl. Those that have straight hair use this chemical process to give hair more body and bounce with their blow outs, while others prefer a natural curly look.

You've seen the blow curl styles, well that is why the hair does not flatten out quickly. The permanent wave causes the hair cuticles to open given the hair a fuller- thicker look and feel.
Having a professional stylist do your perm will assure the right type used to keep your hair healthy and beautiful. We all know what a bad perm can do. Stringy and spongy...no thanks.

How Many Types Of Hair Perms Are There?

Acid perms are used for fine and thin hair that needs extra care. This extra care is needed for hair that is damaged or chemically treated. The low acidic balance is perfect for this special hair type.

Alkaline perms is used for hair that is considered normal which could mean no chemicals,healthy and may be resistant and can use a firm curl.

Exothermic perms will also give a strong bouncy curl with a self heating chemical reaction when the solution is mixed. The heat is what activates,rebonds,conditions, and processes the curl pattern on the curling rods.

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African American Hair Care Explained - I Love Kinky Hair

Being in the hair field for over 30 years I have come across so many that were out of love with their hair. I educated and happily taught many how special our hair is and how strong it is in it's natural state and how strong and long it will become with proper hair care for African American hair.

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How To Care For African American Adopted Or Foster Children Hair- A Must Read

God Bless the people who adopt and work in foster care. When dealing with African American or biracial hair can be trying if not experienced. And with assisting young African American children with new living arrangements you need to make hairstyling go as smoothly as possible.

I wrote an article about "How To Pain Free Hairstyling With African American Girls", but know that there are little boys that have hair issues also.

Gold N Hot Gh2257 Professional 1875 Watt Ionic Dryer with TourmalineHow To Maintain African American Girls Hair

Hair must first be shampooed, moisturized,detangled, and blow dried. This will take daily practice. You and your child will with time become comfortable.
Just remember no matter what African American hair has to have oil or moisturizer in it or it will break.

Contrary to what it looks like when not proper groomed this hair will fall out quicker than any other culture when neglected or allowed to get dried out.

Maintenance Tools
    Hot Tools Professional Hot Air Hair Pik * Hair Dryer Attachment * By Helen Of Troy
  • Small Vent Brush
  • Large Flat Vent Brush
  • Combs
  • Ponytail Holders
  • Barrettes
  • Blow dryer with comb attachment (buy a spare)
  • Moisturizing Hair Product (Organic Root olive oil moisturizing cream is excellent)
  • Satin Scarf/Cap
Detangling And Blow Drying Hair
When detangling this hair use a moisturizing shampoo and cream rinse/conditioner to cause hair to be soft. Put hair in sections with clamps and brush with wide tooth wig brush from the bottom up...gently. When having the proper techniques to blow drying, it can be as easy as 1,2,3!
  1. Holding hair straight and combing with your fingers add in a dime to nickle size of cream leave in conditioner to protect hair from blow dryer heat.
  2. Brush and hold hair straight with one hand while blowing extra water out with the other.
  3. Now use comb attachment on a "Gold n Hot " blow dryer to finish this section. When just about dry add "Hot Six Oil or Olive Oil Moisturizing Lotion " for smoother blow dry effect.
Bobby * Original Vent Brush * Color: BlackFYI: Hair that is more wavy than kinky will use more moisturizing lotions with less the oils.
Pony tails should not be too tight. Rubbing "Let's Jam" on the hair with the back of a tail comb before applying ponytail holders will lay down hair with incredible gloss. Hair can be twisted or braided to the ends.

If you don't know how to braid a college student or a trip to a salon where there are braid artist should be made at least every two weeks.Depending on the style of braids determines how long they stay in. Small braids can be shampooed gently and wrapped with a towel.

However hair will be alright for a few weeks if moisturizing spray and seabreeze antiseptic is applied every 3 days. This hair takes a long time to make natural oils on scalp. That is why it is not shampooed everyday.

Hair Relaxers
Relaxed hair is when you and your child can no longer deal with the kinky hair texture and want to go smooth. Tell you child there hair is beautiful but you just haven't learned how to maintain it with ease. You don't want you child to learn to dislike their hair because of maintenance issue.

A hair relaxer should alway be applied by a professional that understands what to look for while straightening hair out. You will have to commit to touch ups that can be costly every 6-8 weeks along with biweekly conditioner to prevent breakage. Hair should never be scratched or shampooed before application.

If relaxing after braids. Oil scalp for two days straight up until relaxer day to protect the scalp. Braids should not be pulled and removed gently.

Spornette DeVille 100% Boar Bristle Paddle BrushHow To Maintain African American Boys Hair

Cut Low
Wave Builder Wave Cap Black 2-packAfrican American boys hair can be maintained by having it cut down every two weeks and applying olive oil or moisturizing cream to soften and lay it down. To achieve a nice waved look , hair would have to be brushed in the direction of hair growth with a boar bristle brush with medium coarseness.

There are many hair pomades for African American men that want a waved look that can be easily shampooed out during bath time. When applying pomade it should be done on freshly shampooed or damp hair, then tied with a doo rag or stocking cap from beauty supply.

Spartan Wavebuilder Deep Wave PomadeMaintenance Tools
  • Luster's S-Curl 360 Style Wave Control PomadeBoar Bristle Brush
  • Moisturizing Conditioner
  • Moisturizing Shampoo
  • Hair Oil
  • Wave Pomade
  • Doo Rag/Wave Cap

Braids (see above)

Dreadlocks can be started and maintained every two weeks until it starts to lock. Then it has to be left alone for up to two months with only twisting and cleaning scalp with antiseptic to allow dreads to firmly lock. Child should be older to maintain locs themselves if you can not.

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How To Style African American Hair Without The Pain

Styling African American children hair without the pain is not just a job but a journey. To do African American girls hair while preventing a sore scalp and scream child is a learned process.If you lack the proper skills it will not be good experience for you or the child.

African American hair will break fast, become dry/dull and appear not to grow at all it neglected or not treated properly. The scalp will become dry, itchy, and finally break from neglect.

Proper haircare will maintain a soft texture that African American hair processes with the proper care. Learning to care for your child's kinky natural hair is a must to prevent breakage from dryness.

Going-Natural: How to Fall in Love with Nappy HairDon't Use Negative Terms While Doing Child's Hair

Never use negative terms when doing hair, this will lower child’s self esteem and cause negative feelings about their hair. Which happen too many of us already.You want this to be enjoyable and remembered in a loving way.

After all, all hair is beautiful. Just misunderstood.
Making your hair session enjoyable will allow you and the child to bond, master your new skills, and grow wonderful healthy hair.With great advice of course.

Shampooing My Child's Curly/ Kinky Dry Hair and Hair Rejuvenation

Daily shampooing can cause hair to become undernourished. Hair should only be shampooed once a week with shampoo for African American natural hair, two weeks at the most, even for braided styles. It takes that long for most hair to build up natural oil that take others a day.

Hair can be shampooed with braids in them. Just oil between the parts or spray well with hair moisturizer or Isoplus oil sheen. No other sheen will add the needed nutrients to the hair.A moisturized scalp will prevent an itchy dry scalp.

Shampoos I recommend are ROOT Stimulator Creamy Aloe Shampoo, Motions Moisturizing Shampoo, or Cream of Nature for Dry Hair. In that order. These shampoos are perfect for African American

Children with kinky hair. They really help to detangle the hair.
Improper hair maintenance is why many have issues with lifeless hair, and breakage. Always remember “Dry hair breaks”.

  Hair should never be allowed to be dried out. An African American Child's Hair will break if moisture is not maintained. This curly/kinky hair is naturally dry and very delicate and will restrict and become very brittle and break if not cared for properly.

This type of hair takes up to a week or more to develop proper levels of natural healthy oils from scalp. There also needs to be help from you, by adding olive oil base creams and moisturizers to hair and scalp daily or every other day to avoid dryness.

There is a product that is called “Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion by Organic
ROOT Stimulator” Their conditioner is a must. Use with plastic cap for about an hour with out a hood dryer.

“Smooth n Shine Therapy Scalp & Breakage Miracle Leave In Treatment Conditioner”
is a very good lotion when not deep conditioning.

These products are very good for every part of African American children’s hair, especially the ends that are not matured and more fragile.

Natural olive oil is great for the scalp if child has eczema and can’t use product on their scalp.

Undo African American Hairstyling Emotional Pain

Create a Great Experience, Bonding Time & Softer Hair
African American children With Curly/Kinky Hair may have sensitive scalps and experience discomfort during hair care sessions because of the styling without proper technique.No worries this is soon to be in the past.

Let the child know that their hair is beautiful, misunderstood but beautiful and special.This is your special bonding time together. Make it the best it can be.(Your child will eventually tell her child this was your best time together.)

However breaks may be needed with younger children as well as snacks, toy, favorite video, and a hug may help. Make this time pleasant. I use my grandchild's favorite video when I do her hair.

Shampoo and Treatment For Softer Hair and Hair Rejuvenation

You can use “Just For Me Hair Products”or called “Hair Milk Straightening Mist” when detangling wet or dry hair with a wide vent brush starting from the bottom working your way up in four to six sections.

Always work in sections, and gently comb and detangle with wide tooth comb or wide vent wig brush after and before shampooing.Start in small section from the bottom and work your way up. You may want to spray an detangler before beginning this process.

Blow dry in sections also putting hair moisturizer generously onto each section. When hair is 95% dry, finish the process with isoplus oil sheen in blue can or liquid gloss. This will really prepare the hair for braiding, ponytails, or ceramic irons for older child.

Braids styles are a great choice because of the time consuming nature of styling the hair. Also showers, bath, and swimming will cause the hair to revert to its natural coiled shape. Braid styles will allow the child to remain flexible without worry. Medium to small braids will last longer than larger braids.
fyi: If the braids are too tight they can cause great damage to the scalp that can lead to baldness,sore scalp, and scalp sores.

Maintaining Braid Styles

Wave Builder Wave Training Cap BlackYou can find a college student of neighbor to braid the hair and you maintain it. Make sure a satin cap is placed on the hair at night to prevent strand of hair from sliding out of hairstyle . Men wave caps work well too.

Remember to spray braids and oil between scalp. If hair is neglected it will break serverely when braids are removed. Also hair does naturally shed so don’t be upset when seeing hair in comb when removing braids.

Ponytails Hairstyle

Curly Q's Moist Curls Detangler/daily Curl Moisturizer, 8-Ounce BottlePonytails are always a life saver. There is a product called “Let’s Jam regular” that will lay hair down into a shiny neat ponytail. Apply with the back of a tail comb after brushing section. Braid or twist ponytail at night to prevent breakage from rubber band or ponytail holder after they are removed.

fyi: Making the hair too tight , this will damage the scalp and cause hair shedding,sore scalp,scalp sores or alopecia (balding spots)

Warning: Spots that itch can be a warning of damaged blood vessels from tight styles that will eventually lose hair.(alopecia) Balding in spots.

Smooth Hairline
Let’s Jam hair pomade regular strength is great for laying edges down when braiding hair or doing flat twist hairstyle. Apply small amounts with back side of tail comb.

Pain Free Blow Dry Steps

Detangle after shampooing.
  • Towel dry hair well.
  • Spray hair with “Hair Milk Straightening Mist” by “Just for Me” Company. Twist hair into 4 or 6 sections as you detangle.
  • Blow dry hair starting with first section. Brush first section of hair out , hold it extended as straight as you can while you blow out excess moisture.
  • African Royale Hot Six OilRub moisturizing lotion into hair, brush again, then use comb attachment to finish drying.
There is an oil called "Hot Six Oil" that will absolutely finish the blowdrying while leaving the hair managable, soft to the touch, while adding oil treatment.

When Is a african american childs hair ready for a relaxer?

This is decision that should be well though out because if your going to properly maintain the relaxed hair it break off causing a terrible situation , the breakage could continue until all relaxed hair comes out, if you opt not to put it in again.

I hoped you enjoyed and found "Pain Free Hairstyling For African American Girl" helpful.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dreadlock Shampoo Instructions - How To Shampoo and Maintain Healthy Dreadlocks

DreadsBeginning the dreadlock journey properly will guarantee you beautiful glorious locs. They may look carefree but if you want great dreadlocks you have to put in a lot of work during the first year.

You have to know how to maintain moisture to prevent breakage.Shampoo dreadlocks properly to avoid bad smells from product,smoke, or perspiration. Learning to secrets to care and style for your dreadlocks is a must to prevent breakage from dryness.

Keeping dreads fresh and clean is very important because of the thickness and moisture that can cause bacteria growth and infestation of mites if neglect. You can rinse your dreadlocks with apple cider vinegar,Listerine, or skin antiseptic after using dreadlock shampoo in shower to keep it fresh.

I particularly like the shampoo's by Dread Head Soap for straight or curly hair. This shampoo will strip all products that cause hair to detangle and actually cause the dreadlock to become tighter and firmer. Look over my other post about other dreadlock shampoo products.

How To Shampoo Dreadlocks

Shampooing your dreadlocks can take place in the shower if they are extremely long. You will need a few things however keep in mind that there are manufactorer that make wonderful shampoos just for dreadlocks.
  • 2 towels
  • deep cleansing shampoo
  • moisturizing shampoo
  • leave in conditioner
  • antiseptic (seabreeze)
  • Spray moisturizer

  • pomade for palm-rolling

Shampoo Dreadlocks Instructions.

If there is a dandruff issue, gently scratch scalp to loosen scaly skin from scalp. Use dandruff shampoo on scalp after completely saturating hair with water and let it sit for 5-10 minute to treat scalp
  1. Proceed to shampoo the dreadlocks with deep cleansing shampoo. You will be doing alot of squeezing and shampooing to thoroughly move shampoo thorough out the hair for 5-10 minutes. Depending on hair density.(thickness)
  2. Rinse well.
  3. Proceed to second shampoo with moisturising shampoo. Hair should really lather up this time and remove any left over dry skin, lint or, perspiration. While shampoo is in your hair pour in antiseptic and continue to shampoo. Let sit for 5-7 minutes to remove all odors and bacteria.
  4. Rinse well. I know this feels good but rinse :) If you like use more after rinse and leave in.
  5. Wrap hair with towels to absorb all moisture. Squeeze until all water is removed.
  6. Use spray bottle for leave in conditioner if liquid form. Rub leave in cream forms in with hands.
  7. Spray moisturizers onto hair to prevent excessive breakage and brittle hair.
  8. Palm roll with favorite wax or pomade.
TIP: I know this was quite a job, but well worth it . Your hair is sweet and your scalp is alive! Seabreeze antiseptic comes in different scents. I do prefer the original seabreeze without extra ingredients or antiseptic mouthwash. Store brand or Listerine will do. Not mouth rinse.

TIP: For shiny hair use apple cider vinegar or white vinegar as final rinse to remove all residue from hair. Rinse with cool water to close cuticle causing hair to shine.

Maintaining New Dreadlocks

  • Hair should be wrapped tight during showers and workouts.
  • Sleep in a satin scarf or wrap to keep dreadlocks neat and free from lint.
  • Lightly spray water free moisturizers and sheen on hair to maintain a shiny healthy hair.
  • Hair should not be shampooed for the first 3-4 weeks depending on the softness of the hair.This will allow freshly palm rolled roots to loc.
  • Scalp is cleaned with antiseptic. Wipe scalp to refresh and clean scalp.
  • Keep hair protected from lint by wrapping it at night.
  • Place longer hair in larger braids at night for a wavy look.
  • Spritz hair with antiseptic to freshen hair.
Tip: You can clean your dreadlocks with shampooing with baking soda/apple cider paste and rinsing with apple cider vinegar. You will get a deep clean and shiny hair.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

How To Shampoo Braids With Or Without Hair Extensions

Breathtaking Braids book: An Annual Guide To Hair Braiding Styles & Designs Across The CaribbeanBraid extensions still are very popular especially in the summer months when there is much fun and vacationing to do. Or maybe you just need a break from the daily struggle of styling your hair.

The beauty of adding hair extensions is that you are able to have any length, color, or texture you want. The sky is the limit.

At one time braids were not excepted in the work place, that time is gone. However braids with hair extensions are treated too carefree and are not maintained properly causing the hair beneath it to dry out and break abnormally.

Hair is expected to shed on a normal basis, and surprised some when they are taking out the braids months later.

Shedding appears to be excessive but realize that it hasn't been combed or brushed in months, so all of the normal shedding comes out at the same time.

However if you do not moisturize your hair the attached hair will absorb the little natural oils and leave you with nothing but dry hair.

Oils are also lost on pillow cases, hats and scarves. This is why it is important to add oils and moisture, Especially on relaxed hair to prevent dry hair.

Synthetic Braid Hair Extensions

Synthetic braid are best done with a kanekalon fiber which is a higher quality of synthetic hair.
  • This hair is flame retardant,
  • Nicer to touch Easier to work with
  • Better for your human hair.
  • Human Hair Look and Feel
  • Large variety of Colors
  • Large variety of textures
  • Inexpensive

Why Human Hair Extensions?
Same as above:
  • Softer with higher quality Large variety of Colors Large variety of textures.
  • Cost Varies with length.
  • Curly hair will re-curl with water or product.
  • Hair can be curled with curling irons.
How To Shampoo Braids
Shampooing human hair braid extensions should be done with great care , because when the hair is wet it becomes softer and more easy to loosen up.

I suggest putting rubber bands at the end of the braided part of the braid tightly into six pony tails if style is individual box braids or micros.

Use warm but not hot water. Use a moisturizing shampoo, add hair anti-septic to shampoo to kill bacteria on scalp. Allow second shampoo with an astringent to sit for 3-5 minutes to penetrate the skin and refresh the scalp.
  1. Section Hair into 6 ponytails
  2. De-tangle any loose hair on ends
  3. Shampoo twice
  4. Rinse Well
  5. Wrap with thick towel to absorb water
  6. Apply liquid leave-in conditioner/treatment (will rejuvenate curly/wavy hair)
  7. Spray hair with moisturizer especially your hair!
  8. Place under very warm to hot dryer to finish drying (except synthetic hair)
Re-curling Synthetic Hair
Leave out step 8 for synthetic hair, the heat can damage the hair. Wrap with towel longer. Change towels for faster drying. Hair can be reset with perm rods and extremely hot water.
WARNING: Do not do this alone! Protect the Skin at all times. If hair is not long do not try this method
  1. Braid three large braid to ends with a perm-rod on the ends.
  2. Dip into deep container of very hot water from microwave.
  3. Wrap immediately with cold wet towel to avoid touching skin.
  4. Have dry large towel to finish absorbing water when hair is cooled off.
Curl is set!

Re-curling Human Hair
Human Hair can be re-curled with :
  1. Rollers or rods (with quick dry styling mouse)
  2. Curling Irons
  3. Wet and wavy hair is rejuvenated when wet.

Hair should be sprayed with moisturizers and hair oils to allow the hair to maintain oils to prevent abnormal hair shedding and scalp dryness.Remember, "Dry Hair Breaks".

Hair is to be wrap with a scarf or covered with large satin hair bonnet to prevent loose hairs from rubbing out of the braids and attracting lint.

Your braid style should last at least two months with proper maintenance and hair braiding/extension advice.

FYI: If your braid or to delicate to shampoo or you are too afraid because of a bad experience. Use seabreeze on cotton and wipe scalp clean! Itching in public is not cool!